10 Course Degustation at JAAN

A few weeks ago, we had dinner with David's friend who was passing through Singapore on a business trip. We went to Jaan at Swisshotel. I heard a lot about Jaan being a fabulous fine dining restaurant so I was sooo excited! 
Also a great opportunity to wear my HL inspired maxi dress from BagCharmLove. Love the dress, so comfy for a bandage and maxi dress, and oh so effortlessly elegant. This dress is already out of stock but you can email them regarding backorders, I think. :)
At Jaan, there's the choice of the 5 course, 8 course or 10 course degustation menu. We went for the 10 Course menu... and boy oh boy, even though it's only small snooty type servings for each course... I was like VERY FULL about halfway through (so I think a 5 course menu is actually perfect.. and not to mention.. a heck of a lot cheaper!).
55 Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg. These eggs are specially imported. Infused with Rosemary. Cooked for like 55 freaking minutes ever so slowly... and it's perfectly soft boiled. I love the presentation.
I would have blogged about this earlier, but I was sitting on the fence because my pictures are not that nice. Lighting at Jaan is dim, I didn't bring my camera and used my iphone camera. Their dishes are certainly creative and quirky looking. Each plate a whole presentation of it's own. 
Oh Hello Foie Gras! Anything Foie Gras is divine.. I could eat it out of a cardboard box and still rave about it.
I think this was pigeon leg.... tasty.
The last 2 courses were desserts. I found the desserts ... meh... 

I won't go into every single course we had.. because I forgot to take pictures of every dish... and also, every degustation menu is unique. So if you have dietary restrictions, or if like me you must have foie gras in it, they will accommodate your requests and come up with a menu for you.

Overall, I can't say I liked all the courses (hated the one with beetroot). But the ones I didn't hate... I loved! Superb restaurant for special occasions and for a very exquisite dining experience. Happy to have dined there but unlikely to be returning anytime too soon. Deep pockets needed.


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