Oh The Week Went Too Fast !

David and I can't go away this Christmas (he can't leave work), so we decided to spend 8 days in Phuket for a break instead. We stayed in the Rawai/Naiharn (very peaceful) area for the first few days, then moved to Kata (a bit buzzier and more touristy... but not as mad and sleazy as Patong). We just got home today.
Tropical Resort
We stayed at the Tropical Resort, which turned out to be a great location with Kata beach being just a few minutes walk away and the main strip of the Kata beach restaurants and shops being right on the street the hotel is on. It wasn't expensive, I can't remember exactly ... (I'll know when i see the amount deducted in my bank lol) it was $100plus a night (lower end of 100plus).
Karon Beach
 Karon beach is next to Kata beach. It's less crowded than Kata, and I prefer that.... worth the long (and scorching hot) walk there from Kata.
 Of course... food food food ... an essential part of any pig's trip.
Then when we wanted an evening 'out', we took a taxi or tuk tuk to Patong for the buzz, and to look at the cabaret ladyboys. They appear on Bangla street at about 8pm in the evenings, and we drink at the pubs there and watch them prancing around taking pictures with tourists. Funny to see some people run away from them too. 

We flew home today via AirAsia (no delay hurray! It was a fab flight in fact.)... (our flight out to phuket last week was delayed for over an hour. So sucky waiting at the airport, getting tired when you'd rather be away on holiday already. Boo!). 

David's friend, Mark picked us up from the airport (thank you!) and we picked Lola up from my parent's house before we drove home. Oh boy we really missed her. How I wish we could take her on holidays with us (without having restrictions like month long quarantines!)
While we were away, I ordered all her dog food and treats from Kohepets online.

When I got home, my KohePets package was ready and waiting for Lola. Yay, no need to rush out to the pet store and carry all these home. Plus I got some really good deals here.
Cans and trays dog food.... I got her usual favourite trays from Divine, Pompey and Wishbone and I chose to try Daily Delight can food because it's a new item instock at KohePets that I noticed. It's only $2.70 for a can and comes in 3 flavours. Taste of the Wild is on 50% promo at Kohepets now.
 They also threw in some freebie sample kibbles. :)
 Love trying new products so Lola gets a lot of variety. There's the new Wellness Petite Treats for small dogs. It's grain free. Smells delightful and Lola loves the flavour and crunch. It retails at $9.50 but the Kohepets promo price is $8.80 (over 180 mini bites in this bag!).
Jerhigh soft chewy snacks... she really loves these... I always get a few packs for her every time I stock up on her treats. They have a huge variety of Jerhigh Treats to choose from.
 Real meat treats are great. I got the real venison fillets from Zuke for Lola before and she absolutely loved them. So this time, I chose Zuke again, but chicken fillets. Made from choice cuts of premium poultry... u can see it's actually a slice of chicken meat and it's tastily seasoned. Yummm.
Other real meats she loves are the Doggy Man Dried Anchovies and the Smoky Beef Jerky from NuTripe.

P/s- Delivery in Singapore is Free for orders over $50.


  1. Your trip looks amazing!! And your dog is so cute :)

  2. HJ, you know your dog is very spoiled!
    Is that a photo of your legs, in leggings, in the hot temps???

    1. Yup! I always fly with leggings on cos Sg airport and the plane cabin so cold Lol


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