Girl Loves Lomo

Many of my favourite bags have been from Girl Loves Lomo. Now they're launching an apparel collection too :)   I did a shoot for them recently, and the first collection is ready for launch today (7 Nov) at 8pm!
 Do check it out for Paisley prints and cold shoulder blouses. Their maxi dresses are vibrant and great for most outings. Maxi dresses are the top favourite in this collection.

Not forgetting, Girl Loves Lomo's fabulous bags.
Always affordable and of good quality. 
 Elegant Weave Bag in electric blue.
LW Summer Flamenco hot pink.

Check out the clothes and bags at their site GirlLovesLomo. You can also keep yourself updated of future launches and promos via their Facebook and Instagram.


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  2. Jolene12:36 pm

    Hi Holly,

    The tour that you took in Saigon was it with buffalo tours or water buffalo tours?

    1. Buffalo tours (no water in the name). They are very good


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