I Want Something New to Do

I'm still happy doing my blogging, writing for other portals, teaching once a week, modelling and most recently, I started as a size-zero fit model for Whole9Yards (a fit model is contracted by a clothing manufacturer to model garments as they are being produced so designers can observe the garments on real people and make changes etc to it.)  

But I feel like I want to do something else, on top of my current portfolio. Do you have any business idea that I could get in on? 

The other night I dreamt up creating an app. It's a camera app but specifically for pets n babies. It makes a sound and/or flashes a light just before snapping a photo, so it'll get the animal's (or baby's) attention and they'll be looking into the camera just at the right time. I got excited, and in the morning, I searched the app store .. and was disappointed to find that there is already an app out there for this specific purpose ($2.98 download some more!). Damn! I hate it when people steal my ideas before I think of them!!! lol

A good friend of mine just started her own tuition centre with a tuition franchise. And before she did it, she asked me if I wanted to go halves with her. It was very tempting, it was an investment I could afford through my own savings (no need to touch the main nest egg that's both David's and mine). But it wasn't something I was that keen on, and I was apprehensive because I didn't want to get into something that could potentially suck the joy out of my life.

Any ideas?


  1. Anonymous8:59 pm

    Hmmm maybe you could be a wedding planner or a clothes designer for 'bigger' women?

  2. Anonymous11:43 pm

    Do what all the other bloggers do, open your own blogshop lol.

  3. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Couple of suggestions :

    1) Personal Shopper
    2) Sports trainer
    3) Tuition


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