Fun Looks this Christmas

It's almost the Christmas season again.. and in a couple of months you'll start having end of year D&Ds, Christmas parties and gatherings, and New year celebrations as well. Don't wait till the last minute to frantically look for your outfits (plus it would definitely be too late to order online then... and you'll have to rely solely on whatever is on the racks in stores.)
This Christmas, why not wear something fun and cheery? :) Ditch the blacks and opulent details for another season... think bright, cheery and happy when dressing this Christmas!

Here are my top picks on the cutest outfits for the merry season! Always a good idea to get it early, while still in stock :)

1. Short Sleeved Shift Dress ($24.90), from Zalora.Sg . It's bright fucshia and a fun cut. I love the graphic print on it to. (Btw I when I signed up for Zalora newsletter, I received a $10 voucher) Check out the Zalora Christmas page too.

2. Ok I'm a bit biased, but if you're a girly girl, and love fun dresses. The HollyPop TuTu Dress ($59)... I designed for ClubCouture is a definite Must Have. Solid pink dress with a black contrast waistband. It's got a fun tutu underneath (removable) to fluff up your skirt. I've paired it with Kitty Stockings, also from ClubCouture.

3. Hot Air Balloon dress ($26.50) from . Red brings holiday cheer and the cute balloon print plus the scalloped shaped collar is so cute.

4. Even for a more formal venue where a maxi dress is required, it doesn't have to look boring. Love this River Island Colour Block Maxi from ($74.90). It has an eye catching aztec type design and a classy keyhole cut-out back.

5. The Pleated Bustier Cocktail dress ($249) from a design house I like called Whole9yards. It's so sweet and pretty. They have free international shipping until 31st Oct.

<3 Christmas wardrobe shopping!!


  1. Anonymous10:27 pm

    Somebody needs to tell you that you look ridiculous in your tutu and hello kitty stockings, it doesn't look girly or sweet and feminine, it looks like something you'd wear if you lost a bet.

    I don't hate you and I think you're beautiful, but whenever you post yourself wearing these types of outfits I cringe in embarrassment.

  2. Anonymous6:33 am

    I find that outfit girlish but you hardly see anyone in Sg dressed like that. I see a lot of that on the streets in Japan.


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