Snax! by CP Foods Giveaway

** Update 26th Sept**
I've just picked the 5 winners ad emailed them.Andrew (Kimchi Pope's Nose (Chicky butt), Tan Mcjannett (I'd love to have Tteokbokk), Celestina (chicken chunks in seaweed), anonymous (cheesy sotong balls) and anonymous (bbq prawns on a stick).
Snax! by CP is the latest food concept launched by CP Foods, one of Singapore’s most popular and leading food brands, that serves up hot, flavourful comfort food that you can consume on-the-go.
CP Foods is giving away to my readers 5 pairs of Snax! by CP vouchers (each pair worth $30++). Each voucher entitles you to a Snax! value meal, 3 seafood or chicken skewers, and 1 set of the new ‘Chicky Chix’. 

I love Chicky Chix! They are succulent chicken chunks fried to a perfect crisp and hand-brushed with a choice of 3 different sauces - the lip-smacking Spicy, tangy Honey Lemon, and savoury Soy Garlic – then lightly sprinkled with sesame seeds to complete the tasty Chicky Chix experience. Honey lemon is my fav.

*The vouchers are redeemable at either of the two Snax! by CP outlets – Takashimaya (Food Hall, B2), and JEM (B1-K03) – and are valid till 31 October 2013. Other terms and conditions apply.

To be one of my 5 winners in this Giveaway....
Imagine being able to enjoy your favourite dish in an easy on the go packet. Tell me what your favourite food is that you would like to see served at Snax! one day...

Please comment in this blogpost with your answer and then copy and paste your answer in an email to me at   (There's no need to leave your email address in the blog comment itself, as some of my readers don't want their emails to be shown on a public domain)

Giveaway ends at 10am on 26th September (my birthday! haha). I'll update this post with the 5 winners on the 26th of September at around 11am okie!


This weekend (20-22 September), Snax! by CP is having their first-ever $1 flash sales promotion for their ‘Chicky Chix’ (UP $3.90). It will be priced at only $1 throughout the weekend at their Snax! by CP outlets.

p/s- I'm not sure is JEM mall is re-opened to the public.. but if it's not, you can always head to Takashimaya (Foodhall B2) to enjoy Snax! 


  1. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Kimchi Pope's Nose (Chicky butt)

  2. Anonymous1:07 pm


  3. CeLesTina2:36 pm

    chicken chunk wrap in seaweed.. Yums!

  4. I'd love to have Tteokbokk :)

  5. Pamela10:25 pm

    prawn toast!

  6. Anonymous10:08 am

    Chee cheong fun

  7. Special chicken satay sticks !

  8. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Am a mushroom lover so definitely shiitake mushrooms in a skewer! (Covered in batter)

  9. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Rack of lamb!

  10. bacon wrap around sausage! *yum*

  11. Anonymous9:25 pm

    Chee cheong fun - sandrine

  12. Roti Prata wrapped with pork floss!

  13. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Bbq sambal stingray or cheesy hotdogs/fishballs.

  14. I'm a veg lover, can we have shrooms and asparagus?!

  15. Anonymous2:11 am

    Cheesy Sotong Balls!!! Break open and the liquid cheese flows out yummy.

  16. Anonymous7:13 am

    Baked dory

  17. Anonymous7:14 am

    Sushi rolls
    ~happy bithday!~

  18. Anonymous7:30 am

    Porridge and salted egg

  19. Anonymous9:11 am

    bbq prawns on a stick

  20. serene Leow10:08 am

    bbq squid with special sauce for dipping!


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