Interested in Studying Overseas? Monash Live Chat 2013

Although I'm no longer a secondary school teacher, I still get former students contacting me on Facebook and through email asking me for advice on tertiary education. The vast options out there can be mind boggling, and I remember when I was in Junior College, how fortunate I was to have my mum's friends (who were teachers) giving me practical advice for picking the right university for myself.

I've been out of the education loop for a while now, and when my former students ask me about overseas universities, I have even less advice to offer them... because it is not something I know a lot about.

However, I just found out that Singaporean youths will be first in the world to experience Monash University’s Inaugural Virtual Open Day and Live Chat. It's essentially like an open house event where you can get all your questions answered, see and learn more about the university... from the comfort of your own home. Oh you've got to love the convenience of technology!

Monash is Australia’s largest university and they are the youngest member of the Group of Eight, the coalition of Australia’s most prestigious research-intensive universities. Today Monash is ranked among the world’s top 100 universities.
Monash Live Chat 2013 will be a good opportunity for pre-university students to interact with faculty members (from Arts, Engineering, IT and Science), international admissions staff, current students and alumni. Pick their brains and don’t hesitate to ask questions about the Monash University experience!

During the live event, participants will be able to watch faculty members (from Arts, Engineering, IT and Science), international admissions staff, current students and alumni share their sentiments about their respective faculties and the Monash University experience.

You can also communicate with the speakers throughout the live chat session by typing in the chat module (that's the comments section of the page).

If you are in a polytechnic or doing your A levels and are wondering what your next step could be, do participate in the Monash Live Chat 2013 to find out more.
The main interactive chat event will be held on the 8th of October, from 5pm-7pm (GMT+8 timezone).

Perhaps you're curious about student life in Melbourne, scholarship opportunities, eligibility for entry, various subject choices, finances or even career opportunities after obtaining your degree. The best way to make the best decision for yourself is with the right information, straight from the source.

You can post any questions you might have, in the comments section of the Chat Lounge before the Live Chat event itself. The best and most popular questions will be addressed live during the video chat.
WIN! WIN! WIN! A Trip to Melbourne!
In the lead-up to the actual chat event, four contests relating to the information presented on the microsite will run. If you’re a pre-university student and have registered for the live chat, you’ll be eligible to participate in the contests for a chance to win one of four iPod Nanos. 

Pre-university students based in Singapore who register now and attend the online chat session in full (on the 8th of October) will get their Application Fee waived, a free consultation with theRightU and might just win two return tickets to Melbourne to visit the city and Monash University campuses!
Besides providing the interface upon which the interactive live chat will be held, the Monash Live Chat microsite has all the essential facts and figures (along with cool videos and pictures) you might need in weighing your higher education options.

Monash has so much going on, it's such a dynamic university. I never knew that they had a Quidditch team!And a Motorsport team. That is so cool!
I strongly encourage all students who are interested in studying in an overseas university, all pre-university students and parents of pre-university students to check the Monash Live Chat microsite out.