Get the Stitch not the Itch!

So, you’ve been with the same man for some years now. Yes, you’re in a happy comfort bubble but every now and then you look at new couples around you and are envious of the excitement and ‘newness’ of their relationship. Perhaps it makes you feel like you’re missing out on something or you are reminded of how exciting a new relationship can be. Keep going down that path and you’ll soon find yourself with the 7-year itch!

Instead of nurturing that itch, start making each year together a stitch to bond you closer together and strengthen the relationship.

You need to dedicate time to your relationship. In order to keep things from becoming mundane, make the effort to do things you enjoy together. Plan nice dinners out or a movie night with your partner.

Keep on communicating with each other. Many of us work long hours and spend most of the day away from each other. In order to keep yourselves from leading totally separate lives, you have to fill each other in on the stuff that happens when your partner isn’t around. For two people to keep growing in the same direction, you both need to be as open as you can. And also be a good listener.

Be affectionate. It is difficult to strengthen or build a bond with someone if there is no affection. So, although you are no longer as sickly sweet as the new couple who can’t keep their hands off each other, you should still be affectionate with each other. Kiss, hold hands, touch, hug often.

It’s ok to engage in baby talk or have pet names. Studies have shown that having pet names or having baby talk is actually a sign of a strong relationship. It’s a code that is exclusive to the two of you.

Make sure you’ve got each other’s backs. Help one another without being asked. You’re a team. Trust develops when a couple constantly backs one another up. It feels good to know that you always have someone on your side, no matter what… especially when other people are around or involved.

I hope these tips will help you and your man strengthen your relationship. Each year another stitch, a stronger bond , forever. Good luck.


  1. Anonymous4:09 pm

    i think this takes 2 hands to clap. If your partner does not reciprocate to your effort, it is hard to strengthen relationship

  2. HollyJean, very good post and great ideas. Can u expand upon other aspects of married relations that many young people encounter.

    A couple examples, is that many young marrieds find that finding as much intimacy and time for intimate relations hard to achieve. Some young couples have problems, mostly caused by following media expectations, that time for intimacy and time for marital relations is harder to find when one works long hours. Dicussions regarding money and savings are often not done before marriage and can become a very contentious problem.


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