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I love the yummy goodness of supplements like Bird’s Nest and Essence of chicken that come in ready to consume bottles. I’ve always felt and believed that such supplements help me maintain overall good health. I just store them in the fridge and enjoy them daily like a little treat for myself.

Bird’s nest is essential and make great gifts for those who are recovering from surgery or are pregnant but it’s also beneficial for everyone else like me. It is a rich source of protein and nutrients.

At Eu Yan Sang, you can get Premium Concentrated Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar in 150g bottles. It has a rich thick texture and is full of nourishing goodness. Tastes so good like a dessert! I love the sweet and yummy taste with rock sugar but they do have the sugar free and reduced sugar versions as well.

There’s also a whole range of bird’s nest supplements which come in a box of 6 x 28g bottles. The Eu Yan Sang Mini Swallow Treat is a series of ready-to-drink bird's nest packed in small bottles for the goodness of premium bird's nest on the go.
By the way, right now, there’s a 20% Off promotion on bottled bird’s nest at the Eu Yan Sang estore. Valid until 30th September, click here to see the full range.

Another product that Eu Yan Sang has an awesome recipe for is their Essence of Chicken. I remember as a child, whenever it was the exam period, my mother would always insist on buying essence of chicken for my brother and I. It is a good habit I have until today. Every time I have a busy schedule or am stressed, I rely on essence of chicken to take care of my health. It reduces lethargy, relieves fatigue and improves mental concentration.

Eu Yan Sang Essence of Chicken with American Ginseng, Cordyceps & Huaishan Extract  come in a box containing 6 bottles X 70 ml each. It is made from selected fresh premium graded chicken together with the added extract of American Ginseng, Cordyceps & Huaishan.

There’s also essence of chicken for kids. Junior's Essence of Chicken is produced in line with Eu Yan Sang’s enduring commitment to the highest quality. It does not contain any artificial colouring, flavouring, preservatives or stabilizers. Just little bottles of natural and nourishing goodness for your child.
The only bad thing is...all these glass bottles that my supplements come in can be rather heavy! The glass bottles are essential for sealing in the freshness and goodness of my essence of chicken and bird’s nest, but just a few boxes of these items and the weight can really add up.
Good thing is, I can let them do they heavy lifting! I just sit back and order online at my convenience via their estore and then enjoy Free delivery to my doorstep (for purchases above $300). It makes stocking up on my favourite stuff very easy.


  1. That's a shitload of EYS stuff LOL

  2. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Hi, how do i apply the 20% promotion on bottled bird’s nest on the e-store? Need any promotion code?

  3. The 20% promotion is still have or ended up?

  4. u can try keying in the promo code and see if it reflects in the bill during checkout. but I think it's over


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