Discounts and Promos at KohePets Online Sg

For all you dog, cat, little furry or feathery animal keepers out there. I want to show you some of the stuff from my last order at KohePets Singapore online store. Been using them for more than a year now, love the wide product range, competitive prices, and free delivery (and cash on delivery option).

Vitakraft Soft Snacks... Usual price is $18.90 for 3 packs. The current KohePets price is $12 for 3 packs(Buy 2 Get 1 Free) . 

I got for Lola the Vitakraft Soft Snack Princessa Lamb Game Dog Treat 

It's 96% Pure Meat Plus Vitamin B Complex, completely Grain Free, sugar free product, free from Artificial Colours and Preservatives. 

Begging Strips! 3 large packs for $10.

If it smells like bacon, looks like bacon, tastes like bacon, it's Beggin' Strips! Lola can't tell that it's actually not bacon!

Zuke's Z-Filets Grilled Beef Dog Treat  Usual price is $12, promo price at KohePets is $10.50. Crazy Tasty!

First time she's having this. Zuke's Z-Filets are choice cuts of premium meat, specially prepared to delight your dog's palate. They use real beef to make these fillets (not organ meats), then season with garlic and lightly dust with rice flour and a pinch of salt for an ultra-healthy, high-protein treat. A safe, not-from-China choice.

Merrick Grain Free canned food $6.90 a can at KohePets, usual price is $8. 
One of Lola's favs. It's like an actual meal cooked in a pot and then canned up for you. One can lasts Lola 3 days lol... cos it's a big can.

Have a look at all the latest offers and promos at  :)