Hoavien Brauhaus, Saigon

Just a 3 minute (or less!) walk away from Somerset Chancellor Court HCM City (the serviced apartment we stayed at for 1 week in HCM) is Hoavien Brauhaus. It's Vietnam's first mini brewery right inside a restaurant. Hoavien Brauhaus uses the Pilsen's traditional brewery technology from the Czech Republic and it is a familiar destination for beer lovers from all over the country.
 From the main street, a little buggy takes you right to the doorstep of the restaurant. 
I was surprised at how huge the place was. It was already busy at 6pm on a Monday evening, but it was still large and spacious.
Seating is comfortable, service is friendly. The menu has English translations and photos too.
Love the courtyard area of the restaurant too. They also have private function rooms. All in all, the whole restaurant can serve 450 pax! 
The restaurant manager gave me a little tour of their in house brewery. Wow.. the amount of work and time it takes to produce the beer just right. 
 The process chart...
The cold room for holding the beer until it's just right to be served... I think in total it's held like 4 weeks before it can be served!
 David likes their Pilsner Urquell. 
I love their dark beer. It's sooooo smooth. Not as bitter and not as heavy in the tummy as stouts can be. Mmmm. Great place if you're a beer lover... and even if you're not, their yummy food is also a great enough of a reason to go there!
Pineapple prawns. So incredibly tasty!!!! And the pineapple chunks were so sweet and juicy.
 Lovely Vietnamese spring rolls. 
David's New Zealand beef steak... (if you like Wagyu, they also have that on the menu)
Stole a chunk of David's steak. Oh Oh Oh.. look how nice and pink it is inside.
Mine was tasty lamb... sweet dreams are made of these..chops.
No need fork and knife la.. just use hands. Get it in my belly!

It was an excellent evening, after which we took a short stroll back to our cosy apartment to chill out on our balcony. This is the life! I'm missing it already.

Hoavien Brauhaus
18bis/28 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai
Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: 08.38290585
Website: www.hoavien.vn

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Next post, I'll give you a tour around the fabulous serviced apartment I stayed in while in HCM.