Happy National Day to Singapore... from me in Hanoi!

Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim readers today.

It's Singapore's birthday tomorrow!
Happy National Day to my fellow Singaporeans :)
I'm in Hanoi at the moment, and in a couple of days, I'm flying to Ho Chi Minh. I'm missing my dog Lola... but also enjoying exploring and travelling enough not to miss Singapore. But whenever I travel... I always dread flying home... end of holidays *boo hoo*... yet, as soon as I set foot in Changi Airport, I feel a sense of belonging. The efficiency, the familiarity, it gives me a sudden sense of purpose (it's the driven way of life in Singapore I guess). I always say to myself then... Yes! I'm Home! God I've missed you!

I don't like the National Day 2013 theme song though. WTF. Yes, I know... Singaporeans everything also want to complain. But have you heard it?! The tune is ok... quite catchy, albeit a bit kiddish and akin to something you would hear on a low budget kids TV programme in the 80s. But the garbled lyrics? I can hardly make out what they are singing. And the very very NCAC (Not Cool, Act Cool) rapping going on? (I checked out some NDP2013 acoustic covers on youtube, and they sound much nicer.)

The comments that SG netizens have about the NDP2013 theme song - One Singapore- are freaking funny. Here are some I saw on soundcloud, stomp and hardwarezone etc.

*face palm* Why Singapore!!! Why!!! Singapore, you are like the very awkward Geek trying to look cool on the dance floor but ends up looking all spastic. You may not be cool, you always try to over achieve to compensate for your size, and your NDP theme songs have sucked since the beginning of this millennium. But you still have many many redeeming qualities as a country and I still love you. 

Happy Birthday, my nation, my love.


  1. Anonymous5:50 pm

    They always say "just be yourself" and it's never wrong.


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