Vote for your favourite Singaporean Film at ciNE65 and Win Prizes!

ciNE65 is a competition for film enthusiasts to tell their Singapore story in a short film of not more than 3 minutes.
In the second season of ciNE65, the theme is "I'll Be There For You, Singapore".
Launched in July 2011 by Nexus, ciNE65 invites the public to tell their Singapore story. The 
word "cine" means film while the number "65" connotes all things Singaporean – from our year of independence in 1965 to our international dialing code (+65). ciNE65 hopes to harness the potential of short films to touch the hearts and minds of Singaporeans.

This year, over 150 short film entries were submitted. Click here to view them and see which films were shortlisted by the jury. 

One of the prize categories this year is Audience Choice for Best Film, Best Actor and Best 
Actress. The winners of these awards will be 100% determined by the total number of votes the submission received from the members of the voting public over the voting period. Voting is now open until 8 July’13 at 2359hrs!

Go to ciNE65 and vote for your favorite film actor and actress. You can win up to $200 worth of vouchers just for voting! Voting is a simple process. All you need to do is register for an account at ciNE65 (you can just click sign in via Facebook if you already have a FB account). 
Then Vote for your favourite Film, Actor, and Actress from those films which are shortlisted. You can tell that a film is a shortlisted one because it will have like brackets of laurels on it. 

Of course, you're free to view any of those 3 minute films, even the ones which have not been shortlisted. 

One of my favs is titled Childhood. The boy in this story, Rayden is so cute, and what they depicted is a typical Singaporean child's life nowadays, which is full of enrichment classes, and no fun having a kiasu parent. Even though I could not vote for this one (it wasn't shortlisted), I still enjoyed watching it.
I did vote for Priceless. It impressed me because it was not only very well made but it was super touching and had an unexpected ending. I love how the music just amplified the emotions too. I voted this for "favourite film" and "favourite actor".
As for "favourite actress", I chose to vote for the young actress in the film Saga Seeds. Saga Seeds is about an old woman who reminisces about her youth during the Japanese Occupation. Very emotionally charged film... amazing what they can achieve in just 3 minutes!

Do check these films out and the many other submissions at ciNE65 . Remember to vote for your favourites and stand a chance to win up to $200 vouchers for yourself! :) .