Trying Out New Coloured Contacts

I just got the contact lenses I ordered from Makiyo online. They are from the luxury range... which I find is more comfy than the Barbie lenses or Geo Lenses. I got the Luxury 28 kitty (brown), Luxury 12 (grey) and Luxury pink lenses all in degree 6.0 (cos I am blind lol).. but they also have plano options (no degrees, just colour).

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My Original Eyeballs.... 

Luxury 12 (Grey)
Always a super fan of grey lenses.... These ones are awesome. Grey just makes my eyes look softer and less harsh.
Luxury Pink
 It turned out to be a soft pink... I prefer this rather than a striking and fake looking pink.
Luxury 28 kitty ( brown )
Actually it looks more like a yellow colour instead of brown. The original colour of my eyes in the middle of the lens is brown... the hello kitty design around the lens is very yellow in comparison... in my opinion. But as a hello kitty fan. these are still fun to have. Maybe I should've picked a different colour.

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  1. The colors of the contacts are really amazing...the contacts in your eyes makes your eyes look softer and less harsh.


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