More Herve Leger Inspired Dresses :)

I just did a shoot last weekend with BagCharmLove for their latest Herve Leger inspired dresses. Super love their stuff!! Their dresses just keep getting nicer and nicer!!
 A solid black staple for your body con wardrobe. This dress can be dressed up for a dinner event with a clutch bag and some statement accessories....
 or you can dress it down for a day out... or throw a jacket over it to make it office appropriate. 
 From the premium range... OMG how cute it this rainbow dress?! It's bright, cheerful, and flattering on practically all skin tones.
 As expected, all of BagCharmLove's HL inspired dresses have excellent style, cut, quality materials... which all work at nipping and tucking your body in at the right places to give you a sexy contour.
 How about a little sunshine with his off shoulder yellow number. 
Click here to view the whole collection at BagCharmLove.
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P/S: Just posted my latest wellness article at the Eu Yan Sang Sparkle site..
... it's about beauty from the outside in. You know those foods that are so good for your skin (you are what you eat.. sorta thing)? Well, they are great ingredients for skincare products too. :)


  1. Anonymous11:44 pm

    Holly, I'm really curious what happened to your pug cookie. Please do reply!

  2. My friend adopted cookie abt 5 yrs ago. She lived in his house for 3+ yrs then passed away due to respiratory issues.

  3. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Hi Holly, what size HL inspired dresses do you wear from bag charm love? Thanks!

    1. If tht design has xs I will wear tht. If not, I'll wear the s.

  4. Woman lying flat on her stomach with man on top. This is a variation of the familiar 'doggy' position except the woman is lying flat rather than being on her knees.
    Jennifer White


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