Excuse Me,Do You Shop at Whores R’ Us ?

A woman dressed like a slut walks into a room. Then men will instantly check her out (some more discreetly than others) ... the other women will look at her too but for a very different reason. I'm guessing the men want to fuck her (or something along those lines), but the women, well... we kinda want to spit on her.

You would think that if a woman wore very revealing clothes, it would automatically mean woah... she's one confident woman. But no... in reality, the higher the hem line, the lower the neckline... the less confidence a woman has in her actual body image.

To them, the best way (or only way) they know how to be attractive check out my titties!

Of course, this is in the general sense. I'm not talking about special events like a gala dinner, where one might wear a gorgeous gown with an open scoop back, or high slit. I'm talking about taking the MRT to Orchard, or going to work everyday. Why can't you just dress to suit the occasion instead of having just one slut look for everything?

When I see a woman dressed sluttish  I feel that she's thinking... I'm actually not attractive/pretty/slim/etc, I better pop my boobs out as much as I can so I'll have a fighting chance. 

(Yes, yes, Holly... you say that, cos you have no boobs bitch. lol)
But honestly, what do you think? Do you know some women who shop at Whores R' Us?


  1. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Hey how coincidental that I was thinking about the same thing. I have a colleague who dresses in figure hugging clothes, even plunging necklines to work. When I see her, I actually feel kind of uncomfortable. I used to wear clothes which I think would flaunt my figure and yes I was shallow and had low self esteem. But now older , I start to cover up.And yes, I have more admiration for people with flaunt worthy figures but choose to wear modest clothes. I wouldn't want people to feel attracted to me for the wrong reasons.

  2. Anonymous1:07 am

    Excuse these ppl, they don't hv the benefit of having their mothers guide them on "decency" so they think dressing up means wearing clothes sluttily... Sooo wrong baby

  3. Anonymous8:41 am

    Why can't people dress how they want to dress? Why does it have to mean that they're dressing for 'attention', for 'males', for other people? They dress up in a way that makes them happy, if they want to do it, go ahead.

  4. Anonymous5:29 pm

    Hey Holly, how funny! I actually think you dress like a slut yourself.

  5. Anonymous5:55 pm

    Holly, not everyone has the same measure of what is attractive and not everyone associates modesty to be the equivalent of dignity like you do. (And not everyone values "dignity" anyway, since it's such an abstract social construct. What is dignified to one is not dignified to the other.)

    Although you are of course very entitled to assume you know the intentions of people you see wearing something (that fits your definition of) skimpy. The language and spitefulness in this entry is quite harsh and mean and to perpetuate such negativity and slut-shame on a blog where you have more influence than the average person won't do any good for anyone.

  6. Anonymous9:48 pm

    I read your blog quite regularly and I'm not trying to spite you by saying this, but some of your clothing choices can be seen in the light you described. A slightly more voluptuous woman in your outfits might have more spilling beyond the cups/hemlines but what's to stop them from dressing as such as long as it makes them happy? It comes down more to how one carries herself I guess.

  7. Anonymous12:00 am

    Gosh Holly, you have no right to call anyone a slut or whore but if you think you are entitled to, by your definitions, at least keep such catty thoughts to yourself.

    Besides, how far can women "pop out" their breasts before risking full-on exposure anyway? Plenty of confident, gorgeous women show cleavage because it does look nice. Wearing a high slit gown to a gala dinner is okay but if a woman just wants to wear it out even if she's only taking the train, that makes her a slut?

  8. Anonymous7:25 pm

    Slut-A woman who has many casual sexual partners, (derogatory term that should not in my opinion be used to even describe a woman with many casual sexual partners) so how does a woman who dresses revealingly to express herself considered a slut? By passing harsh judgements on a woman based on her fashion choices we are basically slut shaming her, a label use to shame woman for her sexuality this would include dressing revealingly, requesting birth control having premarital or casual sex. A woman does not wear a low cut top because she has low self esteem, a woman has low self esteem because of the harsh judgements society passes on to her for wearing that low cut top. in my opinion I feel that women today should wear whatever they choose to express themselves with

  9. Anonymous9:22 pm

    funny... considering you dress the same way you're describing these 'whores'. You're skinny as fuck, and have no tits or ass, so naturally you can get away with wearing short shorts and tiny tops and assume you don't look slutty. But you barely wear anything in all the pictures you put up of yourself.

    have you not noticed that the trend on your blog is that people think you don't think before you speak. if you think you're an intelligent woman, then why not try coming across that way? instead of saying some of the DUMBEST things I've ever heard

  10. Anonymous3:36 am

    Slut shaming?? What bill shit. Sometimes I really wonder what some readers are thinking.

    P/s I don't think ur shorts n singlets are slutty. It's like normal casual clothes. Omfg some people! I really wonder wtf they are wearing then.

    Also u got nice ass.

  11. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Boobs are overrated, and this is coming from a woman. If a woman wants to wear low-cut tops that show off her boobies, it's her prerogative. Wearing clothes with low necklines or high hemlines is not always about lacking confidence and wanting to attract attention. It could be that the wearer has chosen to not give a fuck because there will ALWAYS be people (like you) who are gonna judge others based on what they wear. Sorry Holly, have to disagree with your opinion on this one.

  12. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Anon 3.36 - your last sentence ironically contradicts your entire point.

  13. Anonymous3:42 pm

    Everyone stop. Holly's just a Blogger, she posts these sort of things probably knowing and wanting these comments, don't feed into her fucking gimmick.

    I'm boycotting her blog. Too many ads anyway, and her narrow-mindedness is starting to sound so aunty-like and old fashioned.

  14. Holly, Some of the responses to your analysis are simply sexist. There are still males who want women to dress slutty. Such males are immature and offer nothing to a female companion.

    Most everyone here has seen Holly's figure, and know that there is nothing wrong with her. She is in great shape, knows she looks great, and she carries herself with grace, class and great poise!

  15. Anonymous1:56 am

    I'm really surprise by this shallow and narrow minded opinion for somebody who does dress to flaunt skin as well, very often.
    As many have mentioned. A different woman with fuller breasts wearing exactly what you usually wear, would look like she's baring cleavage, because she "unfortunately" naturally HAS a cleavage!
    So are you "slut-shaming" these women, trying to make them feel bad about wearing the same things as you wear sometimes, just because nature gave them big boobs?

    Seems like a petty small-boob woman thing to do.

    1. Anonymous9:39 am

      But of course people should dress to suit their body shape. If the big boobed woman wears a tiny top meant for a more petite woman... then she's gonna look slutty. Yes, nothing wrong with that if she likes it. But its the same as a big thigh woman wearing mini skirts, she's gonna look thunder thighed. or if the top is too tight, she may look like muffin top .

      fact is, yeah maybe skinny people get away with more clothing options. But my solution is, just wear a bigger size lah. Why squeeze into something meant for petite no boobed girls?? If you do squeeze, yeah you'll look fat/bad/sluttish.

    2. Anonymous2:33 am

      Speaking like someone who doesn't have extra large boobs.
      Even if a big boob woman wears an extra large tank top, her cleavage will still show. So because she was unfortunately born with big boobs, she can never wear tank tops like holly jean loves wearing for life, cuz folks like holly jean will call her a slut.

    3. Anonymous2:34 am

      And call her a slut while strutting in a tank top herself.

  16. Anonymous2:15 pm

    So a woman has to compromise how she dress because of society's judgmental opinions?? seems silly. why does a woman have to compromise her happiness of wearing a mini skit to fit our views. basically we should stop telling people how to live their lives, if you take the argument that a woman can dress however she wants but because she is in a public place she should cover up then this might be Holly's blog but it is out for the public to read hence doesn't that mean she shouldn't be writing such a derogatory post in the first place. Lastly Holly has been fairly open about pre-marital sex so its ironic she is using "slut" to insult other women for their fashion choices because Holly conforms to that term more accurately then others and if people do call Holly a slut and she was offended by it then why would she use that to describe other women when she knows how much it hurts?

  17. Anonymous11:59 pm

    I have a feeling all the defensive comments are by men. Boys, at least form grammatically sound sentences please.

  18. Hang on,... I never said big boobed women cannot wear tank tops or shorts or dress like I do!

    I don't consider my dressing sluttish (yes, that's subjective of course). And if some other woman wore what I wore... I would not deem her a slut just because she has big boobs .

    My post is about women who purposely dress in a sluttish manner i.e. get a tank top that's too small for her, and then push all her boobs out as far as she can etc, because she feels that it's sexy and she bases her self esteem on tht. i'm not condemning women with cleavage or what.


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