3 types of people to give in to sexual temptation

Why do people cheat? Well, for numerous reasons... but I've been thinking about it and I think that there are 3 main reasons....

1. The weak willed
No matter how happy they are... They just can't say no to temptation. These are the people who tend to be happily married with kids, or the guy with the hot girlfriend, or the girl with  the man who treats he right. They have it all but still cheat.

It's the kind where people go " how come he cheated with the fat/ugly/hobbitish maid?? His wife is so hot and smart etc etc etc!"

2. The deprived
These are the people who would otherwise never cheat but it is a void built up over time. Maybe his wife has been avoinding intimacy with him for years ever since they had a baby. Maybe her boyfriend won't go down on her and she misses it. They wont necessarily go looking for temptation... but when the opportunity presents itself, the flesh is already weak.

3. The angry / vengeful
These are people who purposely go looking for temptation. Husband spends all his time at work and she feels neglected. Girlfriend cheated on him before. The angry or vengeful cheat to even the scores.

There are some people who won't cheat no matter what. Whether they are deprived, have been cheated on, get abused ... This could either be because they're afraid of cheating ( what if they get caught, what if they get an STD, what if...)  or they don't have the opportunity to cheat (rarely the case cos opportunity is always there, unless you're picky and so deluded that you think you're much higher up the scale than u really are... hence targeting only supermodels or what... who won't even look at you, so temptation avoids you, not the other way around lol).... Or maybe (unfortunately rarely) these are the people who believe that they should never and will never cheat.

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