The Body Shop Brazil Nut Review

The Body Shop's Brazil Nut range is back and it includes the Brazil Nut Beautifying Oil which I like a lot.
These products are blended from the most nourishing ingredients with pure Community Fair Trade Brazil nut oil.  The Brazil nut oil is obtained through our Community Fair Trade programme which protects over 3,000 hectares of Peruvian rainforest by providing a livelihood for the nut collectors and nut crackers who are part of the Candela co-operative. Brazil but oil gives superb skin benefits because of its natural moisturising ability and high concentration of antioxidants.
My favourite has to be the Brazil Nut Beautifying Oil ($22.90). This is a dry-oil you can use you on your face, body and hair.In the morning, I apply a generous amount on my hair and the leave it in for about 30mins, then I rinse if off when I shower. If you apply sparingly, you can use it like a leave on treatment too, without rinsing it off. It gives hair a radiant glow and restores softness.
The Brazil Nut Scrub ( $30.90) is my next favourite and most used product from this range. I love this creamy scrub because the particles are so ROUGH! It has bits of crushed nut shells inside. It really exfoliates my dry skin, and knee and elbow areas effectively. And the after effect is smooth and soft skin. Feels great and smells good ( to me, it's comforting like a vanilla bean scent).
The Brazil Nut Body Butter ($30.90) is a good follow up to the scrub, to keep your skin moist and smooth all day. The scent is the same comforting soft scent as the scrub.
If you really want to go nuts with Brazil nuts... consider layering on the Brazil Nit Body Mist ($19.90) or Brazil Nut Eau de Toilette ($22.90). The Body Shop's fragrances are always remarkably affordable for products of such great quality. However, I have to say that I find the scents a bit too sweet for my liking. I prefer musky or floral scents. The beautifying oil, scrub and butter are nicely scented to me, but I would not layer on the EDT or body mist on top of that. I would just use it on it's own when I fancy a sweet scent.

That said, this range is super emollient, full of wholesome goodness, well priced and your skin will love it. You are sure to find a few favourites within this range. Do check them out at a Body Shop store near you :)  


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