Liese Daily Enhance Styling Series

Kao's Liese has a delightful range of products in pink called the Liese Daily Enhance Styling Series (Liese DESS). These products are gentle, easy to use and they give lightweight styles that last all day.

I have the Straight Style Mist, Frizz-Free Styling milk and Airy Style Water. There's a fourth one in this range called the Wave Defining Foam that is suitable for wavy, curly or permed hair.
Today I'm reviewing the Liese DESS Airy Style Water

The top 5 things I love about this product are: 
  • It smells nice and fresh
  • It has gentle skin-moisturising ingredients that do not irritate scalp
  • It comes in an easy to use spray bottle
  • Prevents damage from blow drying/heat
  • Gives my flat hair so much more volume
This is the before picture. My towel dried hair, which is all in tangles and will usually just dry into a flat and limp hair style.
To give my hair more oomph and body, I spray on about 5 to 7 squirts evenly over my hair. I focus it more on the inner layers of hair and more towards the root of my hair rather than the hair ends. I'm glad that this product does not irritate my scalp as I have a sensitive scalp (prone to dandruff). I have no worries about this product getting on my scalp.
Next, I blow dry my hair. There's no particular technique... I just use my hand to tousle my hair from the roots as I am blow drying. The heat protection formula in this product prevents breakage and frizz caused by blow dryers.
Once dry, my hair has much more volume. The Liese DESS Airy Style Water has a Weightless Styling Technology, it contains heat-activated polymers that create natural volume and holds hair in place. My hair feels incredibly light and airy.
The finishing touch, I just comb/brush my hair into place ( you can just use your fingers too).
With Liese DESS Airy Style Water, my hair has more volume, an airy crown and a lightweight feel. Love it!

In a few weeks, I'll do a video using 2 more products from the Liese DESS range and show you their totally different styling effects.
Liese DESS Straight Style Mist - gives straight hair which curls inwards and round bangs. This is used with a regular brush and a blow dryer.
The Frizz-Free Styling Milk - smoothens out frizz and gives manageable, glossy hair that can be styled with just your fingers (or a comb).

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