Unboxing: Fun Factory Stronics Eins

When I first opened my package from Fun Factory, my immediate reaction was *gasp* OMG! 

The Fun Factory Stronics Eins in Dark Violet is really something to behold! 
LOL. After the initial surprise, I was excited to unbox the Fun Factory Stronics Eins and see what it is all about.
The packaging is vibrant, fun and eye catching. When I flipped open the cover, I was delighted to find the Fun Factory Stronics in a lovely shade of dark violet! Wow!
It's made in Germany, and is constructed out of 100% medical grade silicon. The body is ergonomically designed and has a nice feel to it. This is a strong sexy toy.
It is equipped with a new Drive Technology which makes it a THRUSTING vibrator! No kidding! It actually thrusts back and forth, I am amazed at how powerfully it can thrust as I just do nothing and hold it in my hand.

My favorite way to use it is to hold is loosely and just let it do the work. Holding on to the toy too tightly will reduce the movements and therefore the effectiveness. It only moves about an inch back and forth as it pulsates but it truly feels like it's moving so much further.

The controls are not complicated. The FUN button switches it on or off. The + and - buttons switches the thrusting between 10 different rhythms. There is the Samba, Rumble and Quicky under the Constant mode. The Roller Ball, Vienna Waltz and Rumba under the Dynamic mode (these are super fast and intense thrusts!!!). But my Favourites would be the ones in the Algorithmic mode which to me feels like more naturalistic thrusting patterns.
You've got to love German engineering. The innovative motor technology, in which solid metal moves in a hollow body, produces a pulsating, deep and thrusting rhythm. The exterior is aesthetically pleasing; it has a straight form with a substantial volume and a slight curve at the end to deliver stimulating pulses to the right places.
It uses a click and charge system where the charger magnetically attaches itself to the charging point. This is convenient to charge and also makes it waterproof and easy to clean! :)

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  1. Anonymous12:55 pm

    Its huge!!!

    1. actually when i first saw it I thought OMG huge. But it's more like the packaging made me feel tht way. The product itself is a good size... not gargantuan.

      When I showed my hubby the product, he didn't go "that's huge!"... he said "looks normal size". And when I scrutinized it, yeah it's pretty normal sized not counting the handle part. :)

  2. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Holly, why so many Adsssssss

    1. Next personal post is on the 6th :)
      Tmrw there's an ad post.. but it's about free stuff my readers can get. :)

    2. Anonymous5:10 pm


  3. Anonymous12:32 pm

    I like how it's designed with the upwards curve to hit the g-spot! What are the measuremeants exactly, excluding the handle?

  4. Holly Jean

    You really use that vibrator and penetrate into your vagina to experience the thrusting process?

    All these products are sponsored or you bought it yourself?


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