Received my second free BlackBox!

Remember I told you about Blackbox.Sg when it first launched 2 months ago? BlackBox is the first free unisex lifestyle sampling box in Singapore and it is given out every 2 months.
Last week, I received my second edition of the BlackBox delivered right to my doorstep. It's absolutely Free, and what BlackBox aims to do is encourage responsible sampling by sending you the latest or tried and tested products by the Black Box Team for your sampling.
Every BlackBox contains an all-rounded sampling opportunity, with products of various categories. In one BlackBox of surprise... I received beauty products, health supplements, toiletries, health snacks, coffee and even stuff for my laundry !

Here's a run down of what I got...
1. Zappy Baby Wipes (Retail Price: $3.95 for 3pkts (30 sheets), Buy 3 Get 1 Free for $ 11.85 (80 sheets))
This was not sample size, but full size! It's so convenient to carry around in my bag as a refreshing wipe on a sweaty day. It has no fragrance and is made of 100% natural ingredients. It has a gentle and relaxing scent of Chamomile. If it's good for baby's skin... it's good for me too!

You can buy Zappy Baby Wipes at NTUC Fair price, Unity Healthcare, Cold Storage, Giant Hypermarkets, Mustafa, Mediya, Retail Pharmacies in hospitals, etc.

2. Nivea For Men Multi Effect 8 Oil Control Cooling Volcanic Mud Foam (Price: $8.90 (100g), available at all major personal care stores and super/hypermarkets.) This was for my husband to test out.

3. ettusais Skin Version Up SUPER (Price: $37 (100ml), $30 (100ml refill pack))
I'm a fan of ettusais and have tried their Version Up EXTRA... Now I just tested this new one and it gives even more moisture to my skin and leaves it super soft. It's easily applied and absored into the skin because it's very lightweight and fluid. Love it! Will save this travel sized 20ml sample bottle for my trip to Dubai in a few weeks, going to need all the moisture I can get while I'm there!

You can find ettusais counters at BHG Bugis 6334 7188, BHG Bishan 6258 8698, Isetan Orchard 6735 1809, Isetan Scotts 6836 1281, Isetan Tampines 6789 1139, Isetan Serangoon 6634 4019, Metro Woodlands 6891 1127, Metro Paragon 6735 2236.

4. L’Oreal Paris Base Magique (Price: $23.90 (15ml jar))
This make up base has no scent and it looks a little thick but once you apply it on your face, you will feel as if there is nothing there. What I like most about it is that my skin looks matte and feels matte too. Excellent for a make up base as it holds make up well and does not give the skin an oily look throughout the day. Will definitely purchase the full size jar as my next make up base.
5. L’Oreal REVITALIFT L.A.S.E.R. X3 Renewing Anti-Aging Serum (Price: $49.90 (30g)) is a good anti-ageing serum as it makes my skin feel plumper and more smooth. Some anti-ageing products irritate my skin, but this one doesn't. This serum looks creamy, but when you apply it onto the skin, it 'melts' right into the skin.

L’Oreal REVITALIFT L.A.S.E.R. X3 New Skin Anti-Aging Cream (Price: $39.90 (50g)). I used this cream after the serum and it made my skin feel really hydrated and look like it had more of a glow to it. For a cream, this has quite a light texture. Both the serum and the cream have such a nice fragrance and feel luxurious.

There are L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics counters in Watsons, Guardian, SASA, selected departmental stores and super/hypermarkets.
6. Belif samples
There were 4 sachets. Belif Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist (Price: $33 (160ml)), Belif The True Cream – Aqua Bomb (Price: $54 (50ml)), Belif First Aid 360 Eye Care Mask (Price: $39 (25ml)), Belif UV Protector Daily Sunscreen Gel (Price: $41 (30ml)).

Belif products are sold at Junction 8 #01-28B, Suntec City #02-339 (Opening in May), Plaza Singapura (New wing) #01-61, Wisma Atria #B1-64.
7. Darlie Double Action Enamel Protect. Mmm... this toothpaste has a strong fresh minty taste, the kind you can feel on your breath. It makes my teeth feel so clean after brushing. Apart from the fluoride and cavity protection that Darlie toothpaste gives you, this one also has enamel protection. You can erode your tooth enamel with acidic foods and even drinks like juices and wine. When you strengthen your enamel, you don't suffer from things like tooth sensitivity.

You can get these at all supermarkets. Price: $7.05 (NESCAFE Cappucinno 10 Sachets x 18g, NESCAFE Mocha 8 Sachets x 23g, NESCAFE Hazelnut Latte 10 Sachets x 18g)

9. Bioflora Collabee (Price: $78.80 (10bottles x 50ml). This collagen drink tastes like yummy juice! You can buy it from : John little (, Honeyworld Outlets (,,,
10. Uncle Toby's Choc Chip is such a yummy and healthy snack! I could taste the sweet honey in it, and the oats were nice and chewy. Love that it has such a generous amount of chocolate chips on it too. I prefer it left out for a while instead of eating it straight from the fridge because then the chocolate bits get soft and it makes this snack even more delicious. Good to carry a couple of bars in my handbag as a snack on the go.
11. Vanish Pink Powder Sachet. It's my first time trying Vanish even though I've seen it on TV so many times. All I did was add the sachet in with my regular laundry detergent and let Vanish do its magic. My husband's shirts get quite grimy sometimes because he is in a manufacturing business and has to be in the workshop quite often. This gets his nice office shirts so dirty! Normal washing can't quite get his shirts totally clean... am so glad that Vanish can. I thought I would have to buy him more new shirts again.

Vanish is available at Fair Price, Sheng Siong, Cold Storage & Giant stores. Price: Vanish Pink Powder - $9.00 (500g), $14.35 (900g) Vanish Pink Liquid $5.70 (1L), Vanish Pink Gel - $9.90 (1L)

Black box not only for sampling products but lifestyle too. There are Black Box Vouchers to introduce you to shopping/spa/dining discounts. The vouchers come in a practical and pouch that you can use to hold your stationery, or cosmetics or even money! The pouch is always a different design in every Black Box Edition so you can keep collecting new designs with every free BlackBox you receive.

Want your Free BlackBox?
Simply subscribe at and key in “HollyJ” in the referrer code column and stand a chance to receive your very own FREE Black Box with at least 4 deluxe samples in the next edition of Black Box!

Also, “like” Black Box on Facebook because they have giveaways and the latest promotions on their Facebook page!


  1. Anonymous9:54 pm

    I have been reading ur blog since u were with ur previous boyfriend and i really love reading ur blog then...but lately ur blog has become a super advertising space.. miss reading ur personal post.. all ur blog post lately is about ads and ads and more ads.. take care..

  2. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Yes I agree with anon above too. Been an avid reader for years and am disappointed and annoyed by the spamming of adverts and lack of real blogposts..

  3. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Hi! Just want to check with you, so this blackbox thingy is completely free and all we have to do is go to the web to subscribe and key in the referral code? :/

  4. Anonymous3:23 pm

    I agree with the first two comments holly..

    You have the potential to write about so many more interesting things - and they don't necessarily always har to be about relationships, and 'how to get him/her' or be advertisements about clothes and fashion.

    Some ideas include sharing more about your wedding planning, life as a married woman now, your typical day into the life of a model, your home decor, givin us a peek at your house interior etc. these are interesting and more engaging. People just want to read blogs to find insight on how other people live their lives..

  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone. Your comments are noted. I will work on more personal posts.. promise!! :D

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