Purina One 30-Day Challenge ! For Dogs and Cats.

Ok, this post is for all Cat and/or Dog owners. Join the Purina ONE 30-Day Challenge today! It's fun, you get rewarded, and best of all- your pet will benefit from this!
Purina ONE is a premium quality kibble. It has real meat as the #1 ingredient. Combined with antioxidants, wholesome grains and other good things that help you unlock your pet’s true potential.
Oooh.. Yummy! It must be very delicious because the instant that I say "OK, Go for it" Lola will jump at my hand and eat greedily. This is the Lamb one. There's also the chicken or turkey options for dogs which also have shredded meat!
When you first join the 30-Day Challenge, you fill in a quick questionnaire about your pet. 
You know what? I was so shocked to see that Lola only scored 11 out of 22 .... A healthy pet's score should be at least 18 points. I think most of it stems from her unhealthy eating habits (she loves to eat off my plate). I'm confident that we can fix this, and that Purina ONE plus good habits will get Lola up to 18 points (or more!).

In the 30-Day Challenge Facebook app, you will see a gallery of all the participants in the Challenge.
Each day there's a new Challenge to complete. Just click the submit tab to see your next challenge. It's very simple... for instance, Day 2's challenge is to snap a pic of your pet eating Purina ONE. Day 3, you answer a question on how you decided on your pet's name. 

In Week One, each participant will receive one (1) voucher worth S$4.00 which can be used to offset your next purchase of PURINA ONE 1.81 kg bag of dog food or 1.59 kg bag of cat food from any of the participating outlets.

In Week 2, NestlĂ© Singapore will pledge to donate a bowl of PURINA ONE dog or cat food to its designated animal shelter (1 bowl = approximately 100 g).

In Week 3, participant will receive one (1) pack of PURINA treats for cat or dog sent to their home.

Finally, after completing the 30-Day challenge, participant will receive one (1) pack of PURINA ONE 1.81 kg bag of dog food or 1.59 kg bag of cat food.

Plus, if you complete the 30 Day Challenge between 8 April and 8 June, you stand a chance of winning a trip for two to Melbourne (worth up to $5000) and other exciting prizes!

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  1. Anonymous8:54 am

    Obviously bad.

  2. Anonymous9:05 am

    tht review was done in 2006??? I'm feeding my dog Purina ONE and the ingredients list is not the same as the one listed in the website. Purina ONE has undergone quite a few formula changes since 2006.....

  3. Anonymous1:18 am

    Yuck! Corn, brewer's rice soy, by-products, animal digest, caramel color, salt and all those chemicals?? Would not touch that with a ten-foot pole, much less feed that to my dogs! Furthermore, lamb as a first ingredient is wet not dry, therefore when it's dry it should be less than the 2nd ingredient, brewer's rice. Too much filler and common allergens, not enough MEAT. If you hate your dog, feed her this.



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