Nailspiration - XOXO Nails

I saw this nail design on the Watsons Singapore Facebook page. And I super loooove it. So easy to do also...
But I don't have those circle stickers.... they're actually those re-inforcers which you stick onto your paper after punching holes, so the holes don't tear when you file them. If you work in an office.. go steal some and do this nail design !!! Lol.
For me, I could only do straight lines cos I used scotch tape! (Make sure u stick the scotch tape on ur skin first before sticking on you painted nail.. this is so it'll be less tacky (less sticky). And of course you must wait for the coat to dry first before sticking.
This is the 3 tone colour design I did today. :) All the nail polishes I used were from Watsons. I love shopping there for nail polishes, other than the popular ones like Revlon and Sally Hansen (which I love).. you can look out for other less common but just as great brands that they stock there too... like Ruby Kisses... and this new one I just found and love- Bellaoggi Gel Effect.

OK note to self... must buy those paper hole stickers from stationery store soon so I can do the XOXO nails.