#iSeeBeauty with CooperVision

I've been having problems with my coloured contact lenses lately, my eyes feel dry and sometimes they even hurt so bad that my nose will start to run. I wear my glasses when I'm home mostly but I can't wear them for photo shoots and when I'm out and about (I think I look ugly with them). But I've been so worried because I feel that I'm damaging my eyes.

I've made the decision to switch to disposable clear lenses from CooperVision. Daily disposable lenses means I don't have to clean or store lenses, there's much less chance of protein and bacteria build up on lenses too. Most of all, I just want my eyes to feel good and comfortable all day. Will update you more on how I get on with my new lenses soon.

CooperVision is the leading global contact lens manufacturer. Since 1980, they have been making eye contact lenses for astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness, and more–all with health and comfort in mind.

Currently, they are running the Live Brightly campaign which encourages us to enjoy life and all that it has to offer. There's a different theme each month of the Live Brightly campaign. The theme for the month of May is Beauty! And they want you to submit pictures of Beauty.
To take part, Like the Coopervision Facebook Page, and then click on the #ISEEBEAUTY app on their page.

You can submit as many photos as you want. Do write a short caption to say why you feel it is beautiful and hashtag #iSeeBeauty .
Here's my very first submission. It's a photo I took when I was at Gardens by the Bay. You can submit your own definition or interpretation of beauty... it could be a beautiful sunrise, the smile on a kid's face or even those less obvious interpretations of beauty... such as a smile with crooked teeth, or beauty in imperfect things.
The winning image will win three months worth of CooperVision contact lenses and prizes of your choice worth up to $1000. 

Click here to start submitting your pics now!


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