I Love BJ's Juicy New Steak

There's an American style diner on the corner of Kim Keat road and Balestier road called BJ's American Diner & Grill.
 It's actually only a ten minute walk from where we live in Novena. Two days ago, we went for the media dinner organised by Insurgence.sg to taste the new steak on the BJ's menu.
That's Bernie welcoming us to his restaurant, he's the owner of BJ's. I love the laid back feel of this place. It serves good quality, fresh and tasty, American comfort food.
The new steak on the menu is the 1855 USDA Angus Beef.
 But first we tasted the Brandy de-glazed Shitake mushroom soup which is made from scratch in their kitchen. It is delicious and has chunky slices of shitake mushroom. Mmmm
 Bernie's crab cake, Mexican Prawn and Crab legs.
Sweet mother.. look at the size of them legs. (Oh by the way the dress I'm wearing is from DressyLoft.)
In between courses , there are crayons on the table so you can doodle away.
 Here are the sides we got with our steaks...
 The star attraction of the evening... mmm... we tried the 1855 USDA Black Angus Beef in 3 cuts- Tenderloin, Ribeye and Sirloin. Normally, I always opt for tenderloin when I'm having a steak because it tends to be the most tender of the three. I was surprised however, with this Angus Beef, all three cuts... even the ribeye was so very tender.

I think it has to do with it being fabulous quality beef with a good amount of marbling, plus it was cooked just right.
If you want a nice glass of wine to complement your food, Wine Caviar supplies a whole range of wines there. 
And finally for dessert, we had the freshly baked Brownie and vanilla bean ice cream.

The next time you have a craving for a good steak that won't break your bank... check out BJ's American Diner and Grill :) You can view their menu on their website and the latest promos on their FB page.

BJ’s American Diner & Grill
312 Balestier Road, #01-01
Singapore 329743
Phone: 62526225


  1. Anonymous2:05 pm

    I just realised that u don indicate on ur post whether it is an advertorial or not..

    1. Not paid advertorial (will list under advertorial if it is one) . This was a media dinner organized by insurgence co, as stated in post. :)

    2. we just invited people of the press and people with food blogs to try this new brand of beef. no instructions to provide favorable posts were asked for. I just want honest feedback to determine if we would k keep the beef on our menu. yes, I am hoping that people discover who we are but it has to be based on honesty.

  2. Anonymous2:46 pm

    This place looks interesting ... will drop by tonight!


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