Best Ever Pineapple Tarts :)

I just stocked up on the best pineapple tarts ever. My favourite... perhaps I am biased because it's made by my mum... or perhaps they really ARE the best everrrrrrrr 
All freshly made with fresh pineapples made into jam, the pastry is yummy and home made too. Everything made by hand. :)
I love that there is a generous heap of pineapple on each one. So yummy and juicy!

You can decide for yourself if they are the best... if you want to try, you can ring/sms my mum directly and order from the next batch. (Angela 96407769). 

For my readers it's $30 for a bottle of 50 tarts, or $60 for 100 tarts. :) 

(For those in Singapore only please.)


  1. Love pineapple tarts!

  2. oh my goshhhh..... looks super yummy!!!!

  3. Ooh I didn't know your mum is the one behind AA products! My mum always orders from her. We always get Ikan Kurau pickle :)


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