Yves Saint Laurent Forever Light Creator

I went to the YSL store at Orchard ION recently. It's at B2-34.
I was going to get their latest compact foundation- Le Teint Touche Eclat ! What a treat !!! One of their Beauty Advisors picked out a shade that matched my skin tone. 
By the way, my light denim dress is from LilyRae. They have not launched this piece yet, but I got first picks during the shoot :)  . Look out for it next week on their site.
Here's my new baby! This compact gives such a smooth finish, I love it! Mine has a beige undertone, which suits me... some other shades are too yellow for my skin. I'm very glad I got a the YSL staff to pick a shade for me.

I've also updated my skincare routine. Although I still love my Hada Labo from Watsons... which answers all my hydration needs in a no frills, quick Slap on and Go way that I like... I've decided to add the YSL Forever Light Creator into my evening routine. Anti-aging and achieving radiance is important to me... more so now in my 30s! So... Hada Labo in the day. And at night, it's a little extra pampering with the new YSL trio.
Forever Light Creator- Toner. It's a clear liquid... lightly scented. It's absorbed very quickly and easily into my skin. Even though I have sensitive skin, this product did not sting my face or cause any redness at all.
After the toner, it's the Forever Light Creator Serum. If you're unsure of what to use first in your skincare routine, I was told a long time ago that you should use the thinnest product first, followed by the thicker ones). You would expect a serum to be  thick.. but this one is very fluid. This helps it get absorbed so easily.... and there's no sticky feeling after (especially in our hot weather).

The serum is extracted from the bottle with a glass pipette that's attached to the cover. Very convenient and no risk of product contamination. 

Finally, I pump some of this Forever Light Creator Emulsion. It's a milky liquid, and it feels very luxe on the skin. So that's my new before bed time skin care routine :) So far, the immediate effect is suppleness which I can feel... I'm just a few weeks away from more radiant skin!
Oh.. another thing to show you - the YSL Top Secrets UV Shield. Very light, does not clog pores... doesn't make my make up slip off. No oily looking finish. LOVE LOVE! In the day, I use this after my moisturiser, and before my foundation. :)

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