Upcycle Thursday! When Shoes Don't Fit...

I do most of my shopping online.. and for shoes... especially pumps, sometimes the fit isn't right even when I pick my usual shoe size. For boots, sneakers and sandals and things with laces and straps it's always no problem with sizing. But with pumps... if it's too big, it'll keep slipping off when you walk.

So I thought I'd share with you what I do to my pumps which don't fit. I bought this pair for like $10 in an online sale, but they're a bit too wide for my feet so I can't walk properly in them.
You'll need a belt hole puncher (leather punch) which you can get at any hardware store for about $10 + . It's a very handy tool to keep at home anyway... you can use if for your belts, and all sorts of crafts.

Just punch 2 holes on each shoe. Like so...
Then lace it up with ribbon. You can use a bobby pin (hair pin) if you have trouble threading the ribbon through. I just used a ribbon I had lying round the house.. but I'll get a black ribbon soon for this Yellow pair of shoes. I think that contrast will look nicer.
Instead of ribbon, you could also use elastic, or lace ribbon even. Depending on the look you want :)

Now my shoe fits and I can wear it! Hope you like my idea! 


  1. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Brilliant idea!

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