The Herve Leger Inspired Dresses are back at BagCharmLove!

Quick Update: BagCharmLove is doing a giveaway! Like and Share your favourite dress from collection 10 now. On Monday 22nd April, one person will win the dress of choice. :)

I did a shoot recently for another batch of Herve Leger Inspired dresses at BagCharmLove. It's launched already! You can use discount code: HOLLYJEAN10OFF   for a 10% discount (before 22nd april 2013)
Herve Leger Inspired Flare Skirt Bandage Dress in Blue ($39). In a nice shade of blue. The bottom of this dress flares out so it's not body hugging throughout. You don't need a lot of jewellery or accessories to look good in these dresses. Less is more. Pictured here with Cindy Monochrome Box Bag (30.90).
There are 2 pieces in the Premium range. Made of fabulous quality materials, and great designs. This Herve Leger Inspired Multi Strap Dress (55.90) has a design that really lifts the boobs and contours the body. Magic dress!
I love the bold yellow colour! It's eyecatching, and flattering. Pictured here with the Lasercut clutch in gold (27.90).
The other piece in the Premium range is this Herve Leger Inspired Pastel Pink Luxe Dress  (55.90). Another piece with great structure to it. You can wear a regular strapless bra under this dress, and the cut of this dress will give your boobs a push up effect. Plus, it's in an oh-so-sweet pink. I love it so much, I added this one to my wardrobe!
The bandage construction of these dresses give you a good body shape,and also boosts your self-confidence because you feel good in them. It represents a reflection of power, luxury and self-esteem. Who would have thought that such a splurge could still be so affordable!? :D

Linzy Sexyback Maxi dress in Black (29.90). It's made of a light comfy material which makes it great for this weather. The length is elegant and slimming. 
It has a sexy slit at the back and a low back design. (You can see more pics of the back of this dress on their website). Pictured here with the Celia Luxe Box Bag (35.90).

Also look out for these dresses which will be launching tonight! 

Happy shopping! And don't forget to get 10% off with code HOLLYJEAN10OFF .


  1. Anonymous9:10 pm

    lovely dresses but ain't no way i'm gonna fit in those without looking like a huge stuffed sausages...

  2. Anonymous9:21 pm

    i meant to say "sausage" but i ended up thinking and typing sausages... hmmmm foooddddd! =P~~


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