Stocking up on Pet Food, Online- Kohepets

I just stocked up on Lola's dog food and treats for 2 months. I got it from Kohepets online, which is a great site for pet supplies because they have a huge variety of products and brands at competitive prices. Best of all, they don't charge for delivery right to my doorstep (for orders above $50).
Everytime I visit their website, there's always new products to try. Now they have Lola's favourite JerHigh treats in a variety pack... one pack has meat stix, carrot stix and liver stix. So 3 flavours in one pack. I also chose the spinach stix for her. She loves them all.
For an extra special treat, she has chews from Dingo (Porkie Rolls), and BoondaBones in Yoghurt, Peanut Butter and Spearmint flavours. Chews are good for dogs because it keeps them busy (Lola can sit and chew for hours), it's good for dog's teeth and their natural instinct to chew.

She also loves the Pork Strips from Basic Instinct. It's all natural and 100% pork. The promo price at Kohepets is only $13 for a whole bag   of Pork Strips.
Lola's shelf in the fridge is stocked with her regular food trays from Pompey, Wishbone and Divine. And I also chose some can food from Holistic Select and Solid Gold. I usually give her canned/tray food in the morning, and then leave kibbles in her bowl throughout the day and she'll finish the kibbles by night time. 
Pet Sheets from her pee tray... these are small sized ones from Bow- 100 pieces for only $22.50. They're more absorbent than newspapers.
Bath time for Lola .. using Buddy Wash...I love the smell...and it's gentle on her skin. I've been trying so many new shampoos from Kohepets. They have like about 200 shampoos..Check out their whole range here.

If you have a dog, cat, reptile, fish, bird... or rodent at home :)  ... do check Kohepets out online for your convenient and value for money shopping needs.