#SocialMedia #Petpeeves

I spend so much time online. Here's a quick post of the things Social Media users do that annoy me.

1. Selfies in Public Toilets
Unless it's some gorgeous toilet that's WOW... selfies in public toilets are crappy. No matter how hard you flex those muscles or filter the pic to make you prettier, no one looks great standing 3 feet away from an open toilet bowl. No one.

2. Share or LIKE so Mum will buy me a puppy
erm... how about no.
By the way, if you love God and want a cure for cancer, share this blogpost with everyone on FB!

3. #Hashtageveryfuckingthingeverywhere

4. Insecure People
Couples who post WAAYYY too personal messages publically on each other's wall. Hello, if you want to declare your love and devotion to him/her several times a week, how about you do it through private message? It really makes me wonder... do they realize that people can SEE stuff on each others' walls? Yes, and that's EXACTLY why they choose this way to kinda say... hey bitches, hands off he's Mine or Hey all you handsome men on FB this girl is sucking my dick or Hi Darling thinking of you.

5. Duckface
Ok last thing that annoys me. Duckface. Good god I hate duckface. If you know you're attractive, you don't need to duck face in photos.
3 in one: Open Toilet bowl, Duckface AND lick pussy sign.

Stop this shite!


  1. Anonymous8:55 pm

    Exactly! I'd take a booby anytime over those photos u mentioned!

  2. If I may add on to your list..
    People who emo tweet/update on Facebook (without stating the names of whoever, but we all know who). If they have relationship problems, either go do something about it or keep it to themselves rather than spending time on social media!


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