New Asience Leave-On Hair Treatment (plus giveaway)

It's hard not to love Asience hair products.It's a trusted brand dedicated to restoring the original beauty of Asian hair from root to tip.

And now, Asience has a new range of Leave-On Hair Treatment! Leave-On treatments don't need to be washed off, and they make hair so much more easier to manage and to style. 
This range of leave-on hair treatments contain Moisture-Lock ingredients which locks in moisture and keeps hair smooth all day. It also contains lotus flower essence, camellia oil essence, pearl essence and shell ginger leaf essence. All three products are non- greasy, and leaves no sticky residue or build up. So easy to use, just apply on towel dried hair... then let it air dry or blow dry.
Which is the best one for you? Well, the Asience Leave-On Treatment Water (200ml) is the most lightweight and fluid. It's recommended for Tangled and Untamed Hair. The Asience Leave-On Treatment Milk (100ml) is kind of like an emulsion or moisturiser type texture. It's recommended for dry and frizzy hair. The Asience Leave-On Treatment Oil (28ml) is the most intensive of the range. This oil is for severely damaged hair.
This is how my hair usually is, after a shower. 
My current problems are dry ends because I bleached my hair last month for my turquoise dip dye.
And i always have fly-away, messy, curly baby hair around the crown of my head.
I find that the Asience Leave-On Treatment Milk is great for when I want a sleek look. Like with a pony tail. I don't have to use any gel to neaten my baby hair (applying hair gel gives me dandruff!!). So instead of gels, I just smooth my baby hair out with the milk, and also apply it along the length of my hair... right to my dry ends. An easy, neat look that's silky smooth and soft.
When I'm having my hair down or especially when I'm using a blow dryer, I protect and nourish my hair ends first with the Asience Leave-On Treatment Oil. Just apply sparingly and work it right into the dry areas.
Then I spray on the Asience Leave-On Treatment Water generously all over my hair. This is so lightweight, I don't have to worry about it weighing down my fine hair. I find this combination works best for me- Treatment Oil only for my dry ends, and Treatment Water sprayed all over as a finishing touch. It pampers my hair with a luxurious 'veil'.

I love how my hair is so smooth and manageable all day now. 

These 3 Leave-On Treatements retail at $14.90 each, and are available at hypermarkets, supermarkets, and pharmacies.


There's a contest on my Instagram ( @hollyjean69 ) from now until 27th May 2013. 
I've just uploaded a picture of the Asience Leave-On Treatment range (same as the pic above). 

All you need to do is comment (in LESS than 30 words please) on my instagram pic--- Why you want to Try the New Asience Treatment and which Leave-On treatment item you would like to try (milk, water or oil). 

Water: For Tangled and Untamed Hair
Milk: For dry and frizzy hair
Oil: For Severely Dry and Damaged Hair

On the 28th of May 2013, I will pick 3 winners who will each get an Asience Goodie Bag (worth $50) sent to them (Singapore only).



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    Told ya you destroyed your hair. =( Hopefully your hair recovers from it.


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