Intimate and Fun Stuff from LYLOU

Today's review is on a couple of glamorous vanity products you can add to your sex life! It's the Lylou Body Glamour Spray and the Lylou Kissable Glamour Cream.

I always find that a sexual encounter is more heightened, more pleasurable and stimulating, when we indulge in the sense of taste. Nibbling, licking, and sucking the breasts, lips, ears, neck, navel is natural foreplay, and my sense of taste automatically becomes a part of it.
Lylou Kissable Glamour Cream is a specially formulated balm for nipples and lips. It comes in a little 7ml pot and looks like normal lip balm. However, this product is one which you can use for both your lips and nipples!
It will give your lips (and nipples) a natural pink sheen, it is conditioning and mine makes my lips and skin taste of cherries! It is made from natural grape seed oil, vitamin E and cocoa butter. All these ingredients are great for the skin. 

I love the fresh cherry smell and flavour of this product. And you can also get it in other flavours too. There's Mint, Choco Cinnamon, Orange Lime.  Just apply to your lips and nipples beforehand and rub in gently. Think of all the delicious possibilities when making out with your partner later...
Everything about the Lylou Body Glamour Spray (EDT 50ml) spells glamour!!!! The elegant glass bottle with gold details, the swirls of gold shimmer inside it and the sensual scent of its contents.
When sprayed onto skin, you don't see any huge gold flecks, just a subtle shimmer, making your skin glow. The scent is seductive, sensual and warm. A rich composition of fruity acacia blossom, racy cassis, ylang ylang and beguiling rose that occupies the top and middle notes. Sensual fragrances such as sandalwood, vanilla, frankincense and ambergris in the base notes round off this sophisticated scent. 

I love how this makes my naked skin look so good, and makes me smell alluring at the same time. It's the perfect preparation for a hot date or intimate moment. :) 

Intimate moments can be made so much more special with the right lingering touches, soft yearning kisses and that sensual scent which puts you and your partner in the mood for love.

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