Dining at Kinsa Sushi

My friend and I had lunch at Kinsa Sushi a couple weeks ago and loved it.
It's a hidden gem in Jubilee Square, which is just a 5 minute walk from Ang Mo Kio MRT. 
You get a very authentic Japanese dining experience with top notch quality food.... but it's so much more affordable than what you would expect to pay for this quality elsewhere. Anything you don't understand (about the dishes or how to eat it etc) the staff are very helpful in explaining. It really is for everyone to enjoy! :)
The restaurant has bar seats, booth seats, regular tables and also private dining rooms. The minimum spend for a private dining room is $150 total and it can sit up to 6 guests.
If you love fresh seafood prepared on the spot, you will find it here. They have an Ala Carte menu with a whole range of Japanese dishes and they can also prepare special Omakase menus for you or attend to your special requests (contact them in advance for this). 
We had the 9-course Omakase menu as well as 2 dishes off the regular Ala Carte menu. 
Foie Gras Mizore Mushi (Foie Gras Soup). My first time having foie gras in soup! The soup tasted so rich because of the foie gras. And oh it smelled so good. The chunks of foie gras melted in my mouth. I'm usually not a fan of soup but this was so good!!! My fav!
You must order then Kinsa Roll ! Avocado inside, and lightly grilled salmon on outside... topped with tobiko (fish roe). Can you imagine popping one of these rolls in your mouth? Salmon can really taste so different depending on the way it's cooked. OMG yum... it was tasty and soft with the right bit of crunchiness in the middle. 
The first course in the Omakase menu was this appetizer. Umaki (eel roll with egg), Chuka kuraage (jelly fish), Nikogori (mix jelly). My first time tasting Nikogori... it's delicate tasting, with a light fish flavour. 
Their Sashimi is good and fresh! I can really taste the freshness and the flavours of each slice. We had the Akami (tuna), Hotate (scallop), Salmon Belly, Amaebi (sweet prawn). If you're unsure about sashimi... my advice is to taste very fresh ones... you will love it! 
Next course was Shiromi osuimono (fish clear soup). It had thinly sliced flounder in it. 

Shake Yuuan Yaki (Grilled salmon marinated with Yuzi sauce). Prepared just right. Nicely grilled, and tender on the inside. 

The Nimono (Simmered dish) in our Omakase menu was the Otamaki mushi. Unlike the chawanmushi (which I have tried before), the Otamaki mushi has egg, udon, fish, chicken, mushroom in it. 
The egg had a nice custard-like texture and it was chock full of ingredients.. so yummy.
For our Agemono (Deep fried dish), we had Engawa Tempura and Cheese tosa age (Deep fried flounder fin and cheese ). Whoo hoo! Very lightly battered, just the way it should be... crisp on the outside, tender and flavourful on the inside. 
My friend loved the Engawa Tempura best...  I loved it too because I love anything tempura. :) 
Some Sake to go with my tempura. They have a whole menu of sake options, from the affordable (but still very good!!) to the very lavish... 
The Sushi we had were salmon belly, tuna, flounder, eel and sweet prawn. I eat everything Japanese but I'm not a fan of eel (I also don't like wasabi... I know... what's wrong with me, right?!). I loved the salmon belly. flounder and sweet prawn a lot though! :)  The rice in their sushi is great; you can see the individual grains and it's not too mushy. And there's not too much rice in the sushi, you get to taste all the flavour in the meat. 
With our meal winding down, and our stomachs happily full, we had the Miso (Japanese soy bean soup).
But of course, there's always room for dessert! Sho chu Cheesecake. Like sake, sho chu is a popular alcoholic drink in Japan. This cheesecake is like an after meal aperitif and dessert rolled into one. It does not have a strong taste of alcohol, in fact the light sho chu flavour is an excellent complement to the tangy cheesecake.

I'm very impressed with Kinsa Sushi. I love the atmosphere, the variety, the friendly staff and absolutely love the food! :)

Kinsa Sushi
61 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8
#02-03/3A Jubilee Square
Singapore 569814
Tel: +65 64521798


Guess what?? My readers get Free Salmon Sashimi Sampler ! If you're looking for a good lunch or dinner, why not head down to Kinsa Sushi and enjoy this perk while you're there :)  (Valid 1st May to 31st may)
Don't need to print out. Just show the friendly staff this picture on your phone, while making your order. Do feel free to update me on your experience there. I'm definitely going back soon... my mouth watering just doing this blogpost! 


  1. Anonymous7:19 pm

    It's a strange place to find a restaurant like that there but i've tried it with my gf and we love the food and the ambience there!

  2. Anonymous11:58 pm

    Hi Holly may I know where you got that headband from?

    1. Daiso $2. But was at least 1 year ago.


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