Why Would I Take Your Shoes?

It's been a while, so I just want to share a personal story with you today. This happened last year but I could not share it while it was still fresh because I was afraid you would be able to make the association to which blogshop I was talking about and then boycott them.
I don't want them to be affected negatively. So by this point, you would have no inkling which shoot I did. 
Many many months ago, I did a photoshoot for a new blogshop. It was only a two hour shoot, and it was set up in a make shift studio in their apartment. They did have a professional photographer, proper lights and a backdrop. 

Anyway, to cut a long story short(er)... they seemed happy with me during the shoot. The photographer liked my professionalism. The 2 ladies running the show were happy. Before I left the shoot, one of them even asked which gown I wanted, and that they would have it made for me. I told her, oh that's nice, I'll pick one later on. I always get offered free clothes at shoots, but I seldom take them because I have way too many stuff. And if I really do like the clothes I modeled, I would probably accept like 1 piece from each shoot only (this is self control!).
I wanted the gown, thought I could wear it for my wedding after-party. But I was too tired to pick one out on the spot, and told her that I would pick a design based on looking at the photographs later.
The next day (or maybe a couple days after the shoot), I received an SMS from one of them. She asked if I had taken the snake skin Aldo heels from the shoot. A bit of background.... they lined up like 10 pairs of shoes in size 7 in the room the models were changing in. It just happened to be I was a size 7 so I could use their shoes for the shoot. The other model was a bigger size and had to use her own shoes. 

I replied to say, no that I didn't take it. I also felt a bit insulted. Then she replied again to say- maybe I had accidentally put it in my bag, and would I please just check.

Huh? Are you serious? It's a pair of shoes, not a kernel of corn. I'd definitely know if they were in my handbag! (I digress a bit.. I once went to a photoshoot, and I brought my own pair of black heels.. when I reached there, I realised I only had one side! lol. I thought I dropped it in the cab. But when I reached home, it turns out I left the other side at home. WTF!)
Anyway, i replied politely that, no it wasn't in my handbag. And that was it. They cut me off from then on and never contacted me ever again.

Usually what I offer clients that I model for is that I put the photos on Facebook as well as in a short blogpost... to share with my readers as well as give the clients some extra exposure for free. But they never came back to me with the photos nor replied my email. Nothing.
What does that say? To me it says they really think I stole a pair of their old shoes ...and that they're pissed off to the point that they don't even want the free exposure I was due them. 

Then after a few weeks, I popped onto their website curiously, and indeed my photos were up. So I just took one and put on my blog and linked over to their site. I just felt obligated to do it, and help this new shop because that's what I do for all my clients who have engaged me.
But it's kinda embarrassing, to think that now there are people out there who think I am the kind who would steal a pair of Aldo shoes during a photoshoot (not even new ones). I get all my clothes, cosmetics, bags and shoes sponsored, I get them for FREE... and even then I politely decline when people try to give me stuff I have too much of and know I won't use. I don't understand why someone would think I would steal their shoes. :(

At the same time I wonder what the hell happened to those shoes?! It wasn't a big apartment. If they just cut me out like that, it must be that they still haven't found it yet (I think). The other model wouldn't have it because it doesn't even bloody fit her.... and also... why would she want an old pair of shoes?!

Have you had any experience like that? People accusing you of something you didn't do? Or you suspecting someone wrongly?


  1. It is pretty weird, but I would always get accused of doing something by dear old mom. Even though, whatever she accused me of was never true. My mom just had it stuck in her brain that I was always guilty of something based on the most idiotic thing. Then I adopted that unhealthy trait.

    I think by now, they found those shoes and just don't want to apologize. I don't know, but I'm guessing that is what happened and maybe they are too prideful or embarrassed to apologize.

  2. Anonymous1:54 am

    It sucks for both parties involved to be fair (and the mystery 3rd party - the thief). It is always a tough situation to handle.

  3. Anonymous4:30 pm

    I dun think they ever found the shoes. Person who stole it must have been one of their people。


  4. Cant really blame on the person who put suspicious on you, they are at the loose end also. No one know the truth of who is the real culprit.
    But I salute you for not making it big and posting the story after several months, consider you have a lot of fans in your website, this shows you how professional are U :)
    Nevertheless I hope they found who stole the shoes and apologise to you :) cheers

  5. Nasty! They owe u an apology man!


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