NEW Kiehl's BBetter BBCream & BodyShop's Absinthe range

Kiehl's has finally launched a BB cream... it's the "BBetter" BB Cream! 
Why is this BBetter? Its focus is on skincare. It provides hydration, improves skin texture, fades discolouration, minimizes pores and corrects skin imperfections with Vit C and SPF50. 
I have mine in a natural shade. The cream itself is not thick, it's quite fluid.. won't clog pores but the coverage is pretty good. No perfume scent, it'a fragrance free, Paraben free and Mineral oil free. 
It blends into skin very easily, giving a smooth finish and a naturally luminous effect. Love it!

Great news is... Right this minute, I have a Gift Card for a friend and she can redeem a full size Dermatologist Solutions Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream SPF50 PA+++ (30ml) Worth $52. 

You want it? Ok, here's a quick hassle free giveaway. The first person to email me ( their name and mailing address will get it. (For those in Singapore only ok). Status: TAKEN. congrats Carol Chua :)  Sorry everyone else, there'll be more quick giveaways soon k .)
New on the shelves of The Body Shop (and.. of course, in my bathroom too)... is the Absinthe Purifying range.
I love the light fragrance... and it kinda smells GREEN! No animal testing, all natural goodness and made from community fair trade ingredients. The natural extracts in this range make it very moisturising and soothing on the skin.... yes, even the hand gel!

Hand gel retails at  $6.90 (60ml bottle), Hand butter $24.90 (100ml tub), Hand cream $21.90 (100ml tube).

Love these new products! Do check them out :)

Remember my new Blue Doctor bag from Votre? 
I'm so loving it... it's my everyday and everywhere bag! Easy to sling or hand carry. best part is, it's made of leather and will last me a long time. Click here to see it.

Votre also has a range of bags using faux leather which are cheaper... designs are nice too, Do check them out.


  1. Anonymous9:07 pm

    I've tried and unfortunately not liked Kiehl's BB did not provide enough coverage unlike the Asian BB creams and it did not suit my oily skin...was an oily mess in a mere hour.
    Better for dry skins.

  2. Anonymous2:22 am

    Hey Holly, congratulations on your marriage! I've been your blog reader & follow thru every of your posts. Really happy for you seeing how you met a few wrong ones & now you met The One! :)

    I have some relationship woes & hope you'll advise me. I recently got into a rs after being single for 2 yrs (Been dating but I don't like to settle. They say its better to be with someone who loves you than the other way, but I couldn't bring myself to be with someone I don't like that much). So after 2 yrs, I FINALLY met someone I really liked. I think it's maybe God's grace that I met him. So I did everything right.. not showing im needy, not having sex too early etc. & we got tgt. Actl not even now after a mth after we got tgt.

    But I find myself being so difficult! Always finding faults & wanting to argue. Like "Why didn't you do this this this.. why didn't you do that that that?" I'm being so demanding & controlling like how I was 2 yrs ago! That's not the main thing. Today we had a conversation about things your exes gives you & photos taken with them. I've always known he lets go of relationships fast. It's not like he doesn't love it's just him. To him when it's over it's over. He don't beg or whatever. No use looking back & reminiscing on photos so he says he don't keep photos/things of his exes.

    So I said,"So one day you'll probably delete all our photos huh." & he said he probably would. I'm a sentimental person, I keep everything from even my 1st bf, so I cannot relate to him. Maybe it's just him but it just saddens me to think he can delete all our happy photos just like that. And he said that he never cried, not even for his previous 6yr gf, not in front of her nor in private. I tell him maybe he doesn't really love her then but he says it's not true he was in love with her. What does it really mean then, when he never even drop a tear for her throughout the 6yr rs?

    1. I'm one of those who moves on easily n quickly and if I make my mind up, I don't give a shit anymore...

      If he is the same, it's prob just his defense mechanism working like tht too. Some ppl are sentimental, some ppl are more driven and determined to just move on. It doesn't mean they loved any less during the relationship. Just as - if he didnt cry, doesn't mean he wasn't hurting.

      And don't ask stuff like - so one day you'll delete all our photos?. Because he'll just be honest... If u break up.... Keep ur photo for fuck? U should focus on the present .... On the relationship u hv with him now. Not think up hypothetical situations. Serves no purpose. Why shld it make u feel better if u split up and he cry and keep all your photos?? To me it doesn't change the relationship we had and the circumstances for the break up.... Cry a river also it does not change what has been and what happened. That's my mentality

      Prob his too. So don't pick on it now... Cos it will only add unnecessary friction to ur relationship.

      Also, trust me on this... I used to be the exact same. Please don't be difficult!!! Why you did this! Why never do that? Why this? Why that!? Oh nooooooo.... Pretty soon it will break the relationship. Don't do this. Force urself to snap out of this cycle!!!


    2. Anonymous10:58 pm

      Thank you Holly for replying. Yeah you're right, why am I thinking up hypothetical questions to make myself upset? It just eats into me knowing maybe one day, he can delete & throw away all we had just like that. I know I've been difficult & I've been trying reallyyyy hard not to, & even if I feel insecure to NOT SHOW it.

      There's another problem. I'm someone who keeps everything. Literally everything. All the cards/msges/gifts my ex-bfs gave me. So naturally for this new rs, I'd keep all the emails/smses we exchanged. But he is someone who likes to clear & organise his mailbox/inbox & has a habit of deleting msges. It just bothers me. Not becos I think he is cheating, but becos I'll feel why doesn't he wanna keep memories that belongs to us, i.e, these emails & smses.

      Do you think I'm being too difficult? I told my friends this & they all think I'm ridiculous, that this is a small issue & I shouldn't kick up a fuss.

  3. I love that bag that you are carrying, I don't suppose it is big enough to fit a 15" notebook right? Anyways yes always love 2 way bags! nice!

  4. Anonymous10:44 pm

    In that picture where you carried the Votre bag, your shoes are hello kitty !!!! Where did u get those shoes ?????

  5. From Crocs a few seasons ago


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