My Dog Lola

Got her a new pet toy... we call it Horsey.. Horsey from AKC (American Kennel Club series). It is durable, is puppy safe, and even squeaks.
 Yummy Spare ribs from Basic Instinct.
 Huge ass Mega Bone from Dingo. It's raw hide on the outside and dried meat (chicken) on the inside. So huge.. this bone will keep her busy for hours. Dogs love to chew, it's fun for them. Even better cos there's a meaty treat waiting for Lola in the middle of this bone.
 For her daily treats, there's Doggy Man's Sasami sticks. Yum! Always a favourite of hers.
 Another product from Doggy Man which is a regular thing on my shopping list is the cheese sticks.
 At 3 for $10 these Greedy Dog snacks are good value for money. I usually get the bacon (she loves) and milk ones (good for bones!).
Aww.. Lola and Horsey are inseparable.

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