From Desk to Drinks !

We all need a versatile piece that will take us seamlessly from the desk to drinks. Today, I'm just showing you one such look from ClubCouture
I've chosen the Premium Colourblock Shift Dress ($129), I have it in UK6 but there are other sizes available too. I love the white and nude colours combined with a bold red in solid colour blocks. “Colour Blocking”, in essence, involves combining two or more “blocks” of colours in one look. This bold use of color is a great way to exude a confident professional look for work as well as a trendy fun look for after work events.
 For the work, I would add a thin belt to give the look a more polished finish. I love that this dress has a sexy but subtle kick pleat the the back.... which also makes it easy to move around in this fitted dress.
 You can also add a blazer in a contrasting colour, or a black or white . Pair this dress with the Premium Black Blazer, Panoply Jacket, Maya Blazer in Orange or Maya Blazer in Blue.
 If you're heading out for some after work drinks, or a party, just drop the jacket and belt, for a more relaxed look. Let your hair down.... grab your clutch and swap your work shoes for a pair of vampish red heels.
Add on accessories like this uber trendy and cute Wrapped Up Bow Ivory Cuff ($39). It's a dainty piece but it's hard to miss!  It's has a snap button closure and is adjustable for size. It also comes in other colours! I love mine to bits!

Check out the apparel, accessories and shoes at ClubCouture to put together your own Desk to Drinks outfiit. :)