Tried, Tested, Loved! Drops of Youth from the Body Shop

Have been using the new products from The Body Shop for 5 days now.... here's my review.

Nutriganics Drops of Youth ($58.90)
I love this star product, no wonder it's a best seller. 8 in 10 Asian women now use Drops of Youth everyday with one bottle sold every minute.

I like that it's very hygienic because I can just draw drops of it out using the pipette that's attached to the cover.

I've been using it twice daily. It fits in very well to my existing routine. I gently massage about 2 drops into my skin. It's a clear gel, with a light and pleasant scent. No greasy feelling after application. Then I apply my regular moisturiser. I have dry skin, but I think those with oilier complexions might be able to skip moisturiser as this product itself has hydrating properties. 

In the past, on bad days, my skin can appear bumpy and blotchy because it's too dry, it's actually like dead skin cells which appear so dull and bumpy. That's my problem.... rather than enlarged pores, or oily skin which some other people experience. I am pleased to say this tackles my dull skin problem! Woot!

When I used this product on day 1, I could feel the uneven texture of my skin as I massaged this in. No, on day 5, when I massage the Drops of Youth into my skin, it feels smoother. I can feel it being absorbed much more easily too. It's like my skin is less clogged and more able to absorb moisture and nutrients now. 

Apart from the improved texture, I see that my skin looks brighter too. Yay!! 

For those who are interested, the key ingredients are Criste-Marine plant stem cells and beech bud extract.

(Don't forget that there's a promo on now until 23rd Jan – each bottle is retailing at $42.90)
Tea Tree Oil ($18.90). I don't steam my face, but I heard you can use this in water for facial steaming. I've just been using it on my blemishes and pimples. Especially now, with wedding stress coming on!!! Even when there's no pimple on my skin, but I can almost feel that a pimple is coming.. right below the surface... I dab Tea Tree Oil on, and it calms the skin... and no pimple appears. Hooray!
The All-in-One Concealer ($22.90) is useful too. I use it mainly for the under eye area. It's a creamy stick, which makes it easy to apply and blend... and as it dries, it finishes as a powder. Matte. Which is great, because it stay on longer than a normal concealer. 

It's enriched with baobab oil, naturally rich in vitamins and moisturising agents so it doesn't just conceal but it repairs skin too.

Here's my Flawless Look of The Day!
After cleansing, it's always the Drops of Youth first... followed by my moisturiser, then I dab on some tea tree oil on any spots. 
For this look, I am also using the Vitamin C Skin Boost which is a great base for make up application. Vitamin C is an instant radiance booster.
For my eyes, I used the Shimmer Cubes in Brown ($36.90). Shimmer Cubes allow you to create a shimmery eye-look that lasts from day to night. On my cheeks, I used the  All-in-One Cheek Colour in Macaroon ($22.90). Apply onto the contour area of the cheek with a blusher brush or just use the fingers. It gives my face a natural and subtle glow. 



  1. Hi Holly,
    Thanks for your body shop products review :) I like body shop but have only bought their lotion products thus far.

    I will definitely try the drops of youth and the tea tree oil for pimple as I have minor outbreaks during my period haha. Just wanna ask you about the All-in-one concealer... I'm currently looking for a new concealer for my undereyes. How is the coverage for this concealer? I have quite dark eye circles. Also, you mentioned that as it dries, it will turn to powder. I'm wondering if it will therefore be cakey and settle into the fine lines of the undereyes?

    Thanks for your help! :D

  2. Ur welcome :)

    for undereyes, if there are dark circles, but ur worried abt it getting cakey in the fine lines.. i recommend the ettusais tinted eye essence. No cakey at all. and it has a good brightening effect around the eyes. You can go test it at ettusais counter to see if there's enough coverage for u .

    or a similar item from the body shop is the Lightening Touch pen. Best if u can test it out at the store first as well, as both these items the coverage is lighter than the cream/powder concealers ... but the feeling is very light and comfy and no cakiness at all

  3. Thanks for your recommendation, they're very helpful! I'll check them out! :D

    Continue to do such great reviews Holly, because I feel the products you review are good + beneficial! I bought a pair of Crocs pumps because of your Crocs reviews. Never regretted it! Very comfortable pair of shoes, and not ugly too!

    Cheers and Happy wedding! :D


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