The Body Shop Haul- Back to Nature Looks

I just got a whole bunch of products from The Body Shop which can help achieve radiant beauty through 4 Back to Nature Looks- Dewy, Flawless, Brighter and Glowing.

In preparation for my wedding (less than 2 weeks now!), I have decided to focus on the Flawless range because I want to be an unblemished bride with smooth skin. :)
One product that each of the 4 looks has in common is the Drops of Youth. It's the essential key to radiant skin. Nutriganics Drops of Youth retails at $58.90 but right now until 23rd Jan – each bottle is retailing at $42.90.

Whatever your skin type, this fits into any skincare regime. Just use it before applying your usual moisturiser.

98% of the ingredients are of natural origin with high organic levels. It's powered by plant stem cells from criste-marine which stimulate your natural skin renewal process. I'm eager to try this product.. The Body Shop sells one bottle every minute!
For flawless skin, Tea Tree Oil ($18.90), which is a best seller, promises to clear blemishes in 3 Days! You can dab it right on spots, or even use it in facial steaming. The Tea Tree Oil and Nutriganics Drops of Youth are both in the Top 10 Must Haves of The Body Shop.
Complete the flawless look with the easy-blend All In One Concealer ($22.90) which gives a medium to full coverage on all imperfections. It comes in 3 shades. I have shade 01 and 02.

Ok, I'll test these products out and update you in a few days! If you want more info right now, you can visit their website or Facebook page.

The Body Shop has a Skin Diagnostics which you can do online, try it out - click here.


  1. Shazeena3:21 pm

    I've been contemplating whether or not i should get the tea tree oil and the minute i saw your blogpost on it, i thought it wont go wrong if you recommend it so i got myself one yesterday. Hope it works on my skin. :)
    & You're gonna look flawless and gorgeous on your wedding day! Congratulations Ms Holly! :D


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