Sick of my Wedding Talk Yet?


Then here's another video talking about our new home, how we met, wedding stresses and family planning. haaaaaa
Thank you MyFatPocket for putting this interview together... another one for the memory books (aka hard drive, cos my actual human memory is poor!)

 The wedding is just all I can think of right now! Bear with me... I get married tomorrow... so after that, the wedding talk will become much less... less... until it dies down altogether. Promise! :)

Don't forget to check out my FB page (by the way, my friendslist is too full, but u have the option to subscribe/follow me so we can still be linked)... and Instagram hashtag #hollyndavid  for pictures that will be uploaded live tomorrow!

P/s forgot to mention before... my make up tmr will be done by a close friend of mine who now runs ISHQ .. show you pics soon!


  1. I seldom comment here, but just wanted to say a big CONGRATS! Wishing you and David all the best. Don't forget to post pictures of your gown and cake and all, we can't wait to see how all that planning turned out. Am sure you will look beautiful :)

  2. CeLesTina4:02 pm

    Congrats Holly!! Cant wait to see yr picts for the wedding!
    Have a blessed wedding ceremony! : )

    Oh yes, u guys gog any where for honeymoon??

  3. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Hi Holly, I think u didnt write enough about your wedding in fact LOL! Your readers are interested to know! Do show us video footages of the actual day if you can. Wish you Have a memorable wedding day :)

  4. Congrats once again pretty!


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