Quick! Help me Choose Wedding Cake Design!

I'm getting my wedding cake made by Temptations Cakes.  They're at 42 Joo Chiat Place and they make really yummy cakes.

I get to customise my own cake, and my wedding theme is - Love Birds. Main colour is dark  Blue with silver as the accent colour.

These are some ideas I pulled off the internet. Not my own designs of course... But I incorporated some of these ideas into my own cake.

What do you think? Which kind of style do you like best?
Bird Cage + colours + non standard shape tiers
Simple all white with bird toppers
No birds, just elegant blue and white?
I don't mind not having birds on the cake, because I already have them practically everywhere... even on the cake knife I ordered eons ago. That's how I am when I have a whole year to plan things lol. 

It's my wedding this Saturday! I'm excited, can't wait to see my cake!!

If you need a cake, or want to check out their cakes and pastries, go to their


  1. I love the 3rd one!!!

  2. pearly3:11 pm

    2nd one! with matchy blue accessories for the birds or blue ribbons instead! and sprigs of flowers instead of the brooches! =D

  3. first one cos I have never seen anything like that before! unique!

  4. The first one is cute and interesting but the second one looks classy and elegant as well! I would go for the second one :)

  5. How about combining number 2 and 3!
    Number 2 for design but incorporate the blue ribbons! :D

  6. Anonymous8:08 pm

    First is pretty neat. I suggest taking that up without the birds. just the cage. the design is unique and would go along w your theme. all else, just combine 2 & 3. All the best. :)

  7. Yeah! 2nd shape design is really classic. Love it! But love the 3rd design's blue ribbon, so as what the rest suggests, incorporate both tgt! Cake shape of 2nd and blue ribbons of 3rd!

  8. 2nd one. The two birds are too cute!!!

  9. Anonymous9:53 pm

    I like the first one! Its more colourful and unique but please dont put the cage. Make me feel that marriage is like stuck in the cage. combine 1st and 2nd!

  10. CeLesTina10:21 am

    Huh?! Yr wedding is this Sat & the wedding cake have nt been booked or decided?? Isnt it too late? : s

  11. No la. Already booked them a while ago. Confirm a cake will arrive at the hotel on sat morn! :)

    But it's not made yet, I confirming my design with them today:)

  12. Anonymous10:59 am

    Love the second =)

  13. Anonymous11:34 am

    Third one! Perhaps for the top you can put the same type of flowers you're having for your bouquet there? If they're not white/cream flowers then maybe ask the cake shop to make some flowers that's the same colour as the cake. It would be a nice way to tie your entire theme together in a subtle and elegant way without an overkill with the birds. Hope that helps! :)

  14. I'd go with the second one - plain white cake, blue ribbons for the separate tiers and coloured bird toppers.

  15. The 2nd one (Simple all white with bird toppers cake) is better. The specialty of this cake is that it made simple. Very nice design.

  16. Pearlin9:57 pm

    I think the second or third one.. Just keep it simple as you have already have plenty of deco at the venue!


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