Love Love Love KohePets (Pet SupplyStore)

Just got another delivery of Lola's food and treats delivered to my house from KohePets online pet store. I have been getting all of Lola's dog stuff from them for months now and I'm very pleased with their service.

It's cheaper than the prices in the pet stores and supermarkets. It's so convenient because delivery anywhere in Singapore is Free for orders above $50. And I just love being able to go online, and browse though their products... they have many brands that other pet shops don't stock.

So I just click all the things I want, then key in my delivery address. A confirmation email will be sent, then the next day (or next couple of days) I either get a call or email arranging for a delivery time that suits me. And you don't even need a credit card because you can pay cash when they deliver.

Here's a look at what was delivered last week.  :)
A month's supply of Lola's Tray food. A mix of brands... the Divine trays are only $1.20 each.
Some treats...Basic Instinct Natural Chew Treats, Doggyman Sasami strips, Jerhigh Cookie Cheese and the NEW Jerhigh Mini Burger.
Also bought the Armonto pee tray sheets, which are the cheapest Medium size pee pads ($23.50 for 55 sheets) that I've found so far. (If your pee tray is small, then it's even cheaper at $23.50 for 110 sheets!). Been using this brand for months, no complaints!
We've almost run out of dog shampoo, so we ordered a different brand this time.. just to try something new. We chose the Mood LUST dog shampoo... Lust is for medium to long coat dogs and it's supposed to be luxurious and conditioning... can't wait for Lola's next bath time!! They also have Mood ITCHY (has neem oil and tea tree oil for itch relief), Mood PLAY (wash and go for short hair) and  MOOD Happy (for short coats)....
A contented dog is a happy dog. :)  <3 Kohepets online.


  1. On a totally unrelated note, I like your dress. XD

  2. Anonymous10:46 am

    You are feeding Lola some of the worst possible products in dog good. If she gets diabetes or pancreatitis, it'll be on you

  3. Anonymous11:55 am

    I feed my dog those snacks. He's 12 years old now and still healthy. It's a treat, just a bit will do.


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