I Bought My Brother (& myself!) Nice Watches!!!

I wanted to get my brother a watch for Christmas because he needed one. He's finishing his masters in a few months time and will probably start lecturing. I can't have my brother all grown up and professional but still using a crappy old watch right....

But Christmas came and we didn't find one he liked that was within my price range *kwa kwa kwa*...

Then, last week he saw this watch that he liked from the H2 Hub store. So, I went there to buy him his belated Christmas pressie. And I walked out of there with one for myself as well..... cos I loved the designs! Have you heard of this brand? Aries Gold ?

The price range is from a couple of hundred dollars to about six hundred bucks. And this brand has been around for a long while now, but I never knew it. Probably because I hardly shop for watches.

After googling and looking at the Aries Gold website, I realised that this brand has a pretty rich watch making heritage, registered back in Switzerland in 1970.  Their watch movement is manufactured in Lausen Switzerland. The 'glass' part is even made of high grade sapphire crystal which makes it virtually scratchproof.

Turns out, I've bough a couple of great quality watches! I'm impressed and very please I got mine (Inspire Rally 1156) for just $179. Original price is $257 and they are having 30%! Now I looooove my new watch!!!!

This is a sporty design, because of the pretty mother of pearl black dial and also the unique case shape. At the same time, it's feminine and elegant because of the Swarovski crystals bezel and the size of it is pretty small too, not too chunky. I chose the limited edition black piece but it also comes in a silver, gold, and rose gold. Rose gold was my second choice... sooo pretty!

It comes with a spare bezel that is plain, so when I want less bling, I just screw on the plain bezel instead. I've also got a 10 year warranty on this watch. :)

This is the one my brother chose (Inspire Rally 725). I think it has a masculine modern male type vibe about it. It feels solid, and has the weight of a fine quality watch. This also has 10 years warranty and scratch proof sapphire properties. All Aries Gold watches do.

The price of this watch was $199 (@ 30% discount), which is a steal for all these attributes. Not to mention that I get to change the battery of the watch at H2 Hub for free for the next 10 years.

Me likey Aries Gold very much. OK that's my first great find this year! If you want to see more, you can go to the Aries Gold website or facebook   :)


  1. Hi, where did you get your tank top? Thanks Nichole

  2. ohhh... tht was from theBlogShop store in Haji lane.. but it closed down already (juicy story abt the owner's GF and biz partner dumped him and took all the $, then the store closed down. But not my gossip to tell).


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