Apivita Event at Vivocity

Last Thursday evening was the Apivita event at their Vivocity store. Apivita is a Greek brand of all natural products which has been around since 1979, in fact it was the first company of natural cosmetics in Greece.  The brand launched in Singapore only in August last year.
The store at Vivocity  #01-04
One of the best things about this event is that I could take one of my readers with me. So I put a shout out on Facebook, and Pearlin was the first to respond (within 10 mins!)...
LOL   :)
I was so glad to be able to meet her, because she has emailed me in the past, she leaves comments on my blog posts quite regularly, we are connected on Facebook and she has always supported me through voting and taking part in my blog giveaways. 
She even brought a wedding present for me... awww... I'm very very touched!!!
Random pic of event Noms...
Apivita's brand manager from Hong Kong spoke about the new products launching in February this year. It's a range of First Aid creams which you can use on your face and body.
I got to take home all 5 tubes last Thursday... wheee!! It's not even available in store until February! It will retail at $22 a tube. 

There's Cream with Hypericum which can be used for mild heat and sunburn, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. Cream with Eucalyptus which can relieve symptoms of common cold and breathing difficulties. I remember as a child, my mom used to rub eucalyptus oil on my chest whenever I had a cold. I love the smell of it till today. Gel with Arnica is made from the Arnica Montana flower, it's super effective on bruises and swelling. You can also use it to relieve insect bites and tired feet. Cream with Caledula is great for hydrating dry and sensitive skin after shaving, mild irritations and you can use it on babies too because it's so natural and gentle.
My favourite at the moment is Cream with Propolis. Propolis cera is nature's miraculous antisceptic. It is a resin collected by worker bees from plants. It's anti bacterial, anti fungal, anrisceptic and anti-inflamatory. It truly is like an all-rounder first aid cream. I use it to soothe  minor cuts, abrasions and I even rub iton bruises. I feel that it speeds up healing. You can use in on skin with acne too.
We were also shown around the store, and found out more about their wide range of all natural products.
Whole wall of face masks!!!!
 They have a range of serums, cleansers, moisturisers all targetted at different stages and needs. Whether you have oily or dry skin, mature skin or perhaps have only just had your first wrinkle (!), there will be a suitable range for you.
14 types of Shampoos!
14!!!  Would you believe it?! Shampoos for coloured hair, dry hair, thinning hair, for hair with oily roots and dry ends.... etc etc etc...
It wouldn't be Apivita without a range of the finest honey...  [APIVITA comes from the Latin words- APIS(bee) and VITA(life)] .. in fact most of their products are made with honey, propolis, royal jelly.... among many other wonderful natural ingredients.

Thanks Apivita for this invite, and thank you Pearlin for being a wonderful companion that evening. 

P/s- Check out the Apivita Facebook page for more info :)


  1. Dear Holly,

    Thank you for sharing about our upcoming herbal creams on your site! It was an honour to have you join us with Pearlin. We'll definitely see you soon!

    APIVITA Singapore

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