Why Can't These Women Leave Their Cheaters? (The Palmer and Laura case, and ZR saga_

I'm sure most of you have heard about the Michael Palmer case. In short- Singapore politician  (and speaker of parliament), married with one son... resigns after admitting to having 'improper relations' with Laura Ong, who works for the PA.
Michael and Laura
What irks me is that his wife is standing by his side through all this (well, at least that's what the media portrays). He cheated on you and your kid, dragged your family name though the dirt. Plus, if he never got found out.. it would probably just carry on... yet, you're playing the dutiful wife now in these circumstances?
Zoe and Alvin
The other recent case, is of blogger Zoey Raymond stealing this guy Alvin Yang from his fiance (just a couple months before their wedding).It's become some what a sensation because the jilted fiance, Yuki, made public all her diary like entries on a Facebook page. Throughout most of what I read so far..  she says she really loves him.. devastated he called off the wedding... and like even before he pulled the plug... she actually found out (by chancing upon an email from ZR to Alvin) that he was cheating on her .. yet she still wanted to be with him and marry him.
Ng Boon Gay and Wife outside the court
Ng Boon Gay's wife also... same thing. Stand by the cheater.

You know what I realise.... most of them are fugly (not the wives.. I meant the men)... kinda all look the same.. specky, all same hair cut since primary school and scrawny looking.

All except Michael Palmer of course... I actually think he's hot. Would definitely put him on my attractive older man list. But of course it wouldn't go further than that because he's freaking MARRIED.

Which also brings me to the conclusion... that the temptation to cheat seems exceptionally greater for those who are ugly and for those who are powerful.

For powerful leaders, that same power which attracts women, might also give them the feeling like they can do anything and get away with it.

Ugly people on the other hand... are a walking cheating time bomb. The minute any girl gives an ugly guy any sort of attention... it's like he doesn't know how to handle it because he hardly gets it. What do people do when they come by something rare? They grab it right. So an ugly guy will less likely brush these flirtatious women off... rather they will think whooo hoo it's my lucky day!

(It's the same theory as when men find that less attractive girls tend to be easier to get into bed than an attractive one. Not saying ALL ugly girls are like that ah. Maybe it's more a self esteem issue)

Another thing... all these women remind me of Jack Neo's wife... years ago, when it was made known he was cheating on her with some young model wannabe...she stood by him.... and turned up at the press conference all snotty-nosed and crying pitifully. Then during the conference, she even collapsed from the grief.

I rolled my eyes so hard, I saw my brain. It's like...you go press conference for what?! Voluntarily torturing yourself.

Whoever said "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned", obviously wasn't talking about these women.

I've been cheated on before, (by an ugly man) and I never want to go through that again. It's an awful feeling. So I do pity these women who have been cheated on by men who promised to be committed to them.... I just don't understand why they would stay. (Even if I did in the very rare chance, give my man a second chance... perhaps for the kids' sake or something.... I certainly would not make it easy for him and be by his side from day one. He'll have to earn it over time... and sleep with one eye open for the remainder of his life).

When cheated on, my first instinct is.... I'M GONNA BURN YOUR GOD DAMN HOUSE DOWN.

Then on second thought... my more rational self would just leave and have a freaking good time dating and looking for someone better.

And perhaps.. I would cry and feel sorry for myself. (especially if the first few new dates turn out shittier than expected).

But never in my wide spectrum of (sometimes) irrational feelings would there be one where I'd want to stand by a cheating man. Why are these women acting like they're so indebted to their cheating husbands?!


  1. Anonymous5:53 pm

    You sound like a complete and utter moron talking about how it's easier for ugly people to cheat. I agree with the numerous comments about you needing to think before you type. You come across as an airhead who talks through her arse

  2. Anonymous1:03 pm

    its just a mere observation. I suppose u should also think before u type unless of course u speak from experience.

  3. Anonymous8:57 pm

    I agree with what you're saying. I read a few times that the women who get cheated on, actually blame themselves! They were like "I am to blame that he fell for someone else. See I became fat/ugly/whatever...and that girl is so young, so pretty". Horrible right.

  4. Anonymous11:12 pm

    anon 553: take a chill pill. whatever you read can be taken with a pinch of salt right? there's no need to throw insults.

  5. Anonymous1:39 pm

    they stay for the kids....
    that's how great mothers are.

  6. Anonymous1:49 am

    *she did say that it's possibly a self-esteem issue...

  7. Anonymous4:29 am

    I use to think like you, jean. I can leave some bf after he hurt me. But once u marry and of course the love of ur life cheated, u can feel it, not just other bf. Women blame themselves because they are part of it, taken advantage, anger issues ignoring are the doing of thier wives. Still not a reason to cheat, but that drives them.

    Until u get hit by it, the people who you confine in, will open up stories u didnt know, then u will realise that "once in a lifetime, men will cheat at least once" and ur eyes open that most marriage turn for the best and become tolerence with each other after doing that. They will value each other. Stupid but fact.

  8. Anonymous4:31 am

    I dislike u bring up all the famous cheating case happen spore. And u should list down why women should leave their husband. I think u feel mad, u forget about the heading and went off track.

  9. Anonymous2:39 am

    Thanks for speaking up on my behalf

  10. Anonymous2:34 pm

    "they stay for the kids....
    that's how great mothers are."

    For the kids, my arse.

  11. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Three reasons:

    1) For the kids.

    2) For the money.

    3) Both.

  12. Anonymous4:21 pm

    Hi Holly, I have been cheated upon before by a super ugly man bespectacled and poor character as well. We were together for 10 years before calling it quits. The nerve, considering how many suitors I've turned down and how beautiful I am.

    And I do wonder why I was even with such a lousy man in the first place. Thank god he's out of my life. I am now with someone else a million times better in terms of every aspect. I am indeed lucky. :) I am sure you are too. :)


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