UpCycle Thursday: Braided Fabric Headbands

I've been shopping online for a head accessories for my wedding (ended up buying a double strand diamante headband)... not sure if I'll use it on the day itself.. but it's an option I now have.

While I was shopping around online for headbands though, I noticed the trend for braided headbands. And I'm thinking.. why buy these when they're SO EASY to make!!! And it costs $ZERO$ because you can use scrap cloth... like an old t-shirt or an old dress etc.

It's the same process as how I made my rag bracelets before. Watch this video.
 You don't even have to stitch the ends together, you can just tie a knot.
 Pin a brooch, or flower corsage on it.
 Wear double or triple strands.
Make them in neon colours even.

Idea: You can play around by trying to weave it some beads as you braid the fabric... it will give an interesting effect.

Oh, if you need your head band to be more elastic, then instead of tying a knot, you stitch the ends around a hair tie/rubberband.... like this one from Forever21.

Have a fun upcycle Thursday! :)


  1. Cute! Looks like something I can make for my little girls!

  2. actually can be a mother -daughters project.. cos they can make their own... just teach them to braid... :D

  3. GREAT idea! I think my girls could make these themselves! Definitely making!!


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