The Leaked Holly Jean Sex Tape

I'm sorry I've been laying low and avoiding questions about the leaked sex tape circulating on the internet.

You see, I could not tell you about it earlier, because it needed the chance to get your attention and sink in. The "leaked sex tape" is part of Durex's new P.S. I Love You campaign targeted at Singaporean youths.

The tag line “P.S. I Love You” stands for “Play Safe, I Love You”. The idea behind the campaign was to trend the code “P.S. I Love You” as an easy reminder for youths to practice safe sex, since many of them find it embarrassing or uncool to talk about safe sex. Safe sex is not taboo! If you love and care for your partner (and for yourself!), you would use protection.
The male model in the video and I didn't actually have sex. But we were pretty convincing huh!! :D He requested for his face to be blurred out because he says he doesn’t want to get into trouble with my fans and readers,  haha!
The video was shot in studio, with people that I trust and respect. And I must say, it was an awesome experience too (loads of laughs)!

Even though the "leaked sex tape" is controversial in nature, I decided to be part of this campaign because I think it's a great way to get the attention of the youths, and through that we can educate and get the message across to them. And this message is more likely to 'stick' than merely preaching the importance of playing safe.
The Durex P.S. I Love You campaign was developed in response to some very startling findings from the Durex Face of Global Sex Report 2012. According to the report, Singaporean youths who were still studying, were 20 times less likely to use condoms during their first sexual experience as compared to those who have completed their education!

You can't dictate that they should wear condoms... if anything, that would make condoms unappealing. So what better way to get the attention of the youth than with a leaked sex tape. 

The campaign distinctly associates the phrase P.S. I Love You with Playing Safe using condoms.

Furthermore, the Durex Face of Global Sex Report 2012 focused on the use of condoms at first sex and how it impacts sexual health and well-being at later life.  The survey, which reached out to over 25,000 respondents in 37 countries, found that those who used a condom at first sex enjoy better sexual health and well being. Did you know that people in Singapore who used a condom at first sex are 2.4 times more likely to be satisfied with their overall sex life?!

I feel that condoms can make such a difference to one's sex life and well being. A condom can prevent the transmission of diseases/infections, it can prevent unwanted pregnancies and it can enhance your pleasure as well. Durex has a whole range of condoms; with warming lube, ribbed, and even one that's coated in a special lube to help him last longer!   

If it only takes a piece of rubber to ensure that you and your partner are protected and can have peace of mind, then why not play safe?

There's a competition on now! 
The Durex P.S. I Love You - Safe Sex Tape Video Competition 
The competition was opened to all under 30 years of age, residing in Singapore. Participants
were required to film a three to five minute video, educating youths on the importance of safe sex, while incorporating the phrase “P.S. I Love You”.

The top 10 videos are up for voting on the Durex Singapore Facebook page from now until the 16th of december. The top 3 videos will win over $10000 in cash & prizes.

Head to the Durex Singapore Facebook page to view and vote for your favourite video. I've already voted for my favourite.

P/s- for those of you who have not seen the "leaked sex tape" , here it is... but this is the full version (you probably haven't seen this full version yet)... I just uploaded on my Youtube page.. it includes the big reveal at the end.

P.S. I Love you! 


  1. Anonymous2:17 pm

    :D Sure got my attention. I wasn't sure if it was real but i guess people who has their sex tape leaked out wouldn't wanna know it :P

  2. Anonymous2:38 am

    I suspected it was a campaign because there was no nudity. Why you no take clothes off HJ!!!

  3. Anonymous10:34 am

    didnt know about the vid until you blogged lol!!

  4. Anonymous10:16 pm

    Hmm your husband doesn't mind, hj?

  5. He does not mind. This campaign is for a good cause and it is part of my job.

    Of course, I discussed it with him before accepting this campaign. If he minded I would never do it.

    Also, it was only acting, there wasn't any real sex or nudity.. dont even have kissing. :)

  6. Anonymous11:19 pm

    you had to hold him really close in the video though.. was it awkward?

  7. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Controversial but I would say it is nicely done..

    it didn't turned me off unlike ms peggy heng's video.

  8. if its for a good cause and doesn't involve you taking off (ur clothes). i dun see why ur hub need to mind.. :)

    im a fan of Durex btw.. oops!.. :)

  9. Anonymous7:42 pm

    When are you gonna release a real one? Been waiting for years! lol

  10. @anon11.19PM- you know, I didn't realise our bodies were so close together until I saw the final video in the end.

    At the scene itself, we were both so focused on acting, and not burst out laughing, and taking directions.... I did not have the time to sit there and feel awkward.

  11. Anonymous4:37 pm

    I still love you... Eversince I saw you on the newpaper weather girl

    1. Haha the weather girl days... I still have those clippings lol


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