L’Oreal Lucent Magique & Nail Art

I just tried out the Lucent Magique range from L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics. I used the primer and foundation for my pre-wedding photoshoot on Saturday.
 I also received the 3D Nail Art, a new product from Loreal. But since I had already painted my nails in preparation for the pre-wedding photoshoot, I tried the nail art on my toe nail instead.
Each sheet comes with 9 sizes (18 nails altogether). The biggest size fir my big toe nail.. so looks like I can use this product to bling both my hands and feet next time. Super duper easy to apply, just watch this video:
The L'Oreal Paris LUCENT MAGIQUE Touch of Light Pen (1.6 ml), is like a concealer for the under eye area but it also helps brighten the appearance of your eyes. I love this product a lot, because it does cover dark shadows well... but I wish it were more moisturising (I have chronically dry skin which flakes).
It comes in a handy pen like applicator, with a brush fixed on one end. I use the brush to dispense and then place a small amount of product on my eye area, then i use my finger to blend. You can just use the brush if you prefer, but I rather keep the brush clean.
Here I'm testing out the Lucent Magique Pure Light Primer, and the Lucent Magique Light-Infusing Foundation. These two products work great together. The primer makes my skin feel supple (not drying at all) and it illuminates my skin too. The foundation lives up to it's name- it's indeed light infusing. It's like it makes the light from outside give the skin a very flawless, smooth and radiant finish. 
I love how it very quickly blends into nothingness on my skin. It's not heavy, it feels light on the skin, but it gives great coverage. I'm using N7 (neutral 7). They have 6 shades altogether including R2 (Rose undertone), G4 & G7 (Golden undertone) and N2 & N5 (neutral undertone).
I used the primer and foundation for my pre wedding photoshoot make up.. and it lasted through the 2 hour outdoor shoot, no problem. Show you the pre wedding pics real soon!

For more details on these products, you can check out the Loreal Paris Singapore FB page.