Taxi Driver Creeped the Hell Out of Me

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Ok now I want to share with you what happened to me 4 nights ago. I was on my way home from my Grandpa's wake. (Sadly, My Grandpa passed away last week, he was cremated on Monday this week. He was going to turn 90 in a couple of months. But he has lived a full and long life, he was a very good man and I believe there is a heaven up there for people like him). 

This is a personal family experience, so I won't share more about it on my public blog. I just wanted to mention it, so you know that this is what recently happened and that I am okay.

David was with me earlier that day at the wake. I went back there again later that night without him, because a prayer group was coming, and my Dad wanted me to be there. 

Anyway, when I left the wake that night, I hailed a cab to get home. I knew David would already be asleep, as it was around midnight. I got in, told the driver where to go. 
This was not my driver ah. Pic for illustration only!
The driver kept turning his head back to look at me. Then he spoke... he said "Wah you look very sporty."  (ok, decent enough conversation) I was wearing my new 3/4 jogging pants from Cotton On, and blue tshirt (same outfit as the first Photo in this blogpost actually).

Then I said ,"oh, not really. I'm kinda lazy, haha"

Driver: " Are you a student or working?"


Driver: "You very pretty"

Then exactly when he finished that last sentence, he auto locked the doors.

That auto lock sound, right at that point... just me me feel very very uneasy. 

Knowing that David would be asleep already, I decided to text my friend Kuen instead, as I know he's always up. I just texted him the taxi plate number.. and he replied "wtf you send me that??"

Then I replied that my taxi driver was creeping me out, and if he doesn't hear from me in 15 minutes, then I might be in trouble. I wasn't joking.

I looked out the window to make sure he wasn't taking me "elsewhere". And I even went through the motions in my head, if he suddenly tried to pounce on me, did I have enough leg room to kick him. (My arms are TERRIBLY weak... even for a female... so I knew I wouldn't be able to depend on them)

Then he started talking to me again, he asked " What's that in your hair?"

And I said," hair stick."  (wtf question is that, you weirdo). He just kept turning back to look at me, so many times during the ride, it made me so uncomfortable.
And then he asked, "are you malay or chinese?"

I didn't want to have to talk so much to him to explain that I'm Eurasian, so I just said "Chinese"... thinking also that it would put him off, since he was Malay (it's just the panicked logic that played out in my head that way ok... not meaning to be racist or what).

Then he said, "Oh babah always wear stick in their hair. How long is your hair?"

I live next door to a hotel, I directed him to my street, and he asked if I was going to the hotel. I said no, I'm going home. I stopped on the street (didn't want to risk driving down to my quiet carpark. I paid him and freaking flew out of the taxi.

My friend Kuen was worried about me, even after I texted to say "I'm safe home".. he still rang to make sure it was me texting.. and not the driver pretending to be me. Lol.

Maybe the driver meant me no harm at all.. but please la... if you're a taxi driver... or any guy for that matter... don't creep girls out like that. 


  1. Anonymous7:19 pm

    I'm a guy and some taxi drivers creep me out!

  2. That's pretty freaky! Smart move to text your friend, better to be safe than sorry!

  3. Anonymous1:25 am

    check out this thread on you

  4. Anonymous12:14 pm

    Some people just have no clue, aye! On another note, WHY is it that people are always so obsessed with 'race'? I don't get it. And the questions are always, 'You Malay or Chinese?' like those 2 are the only ethnicities in the world.

  5. Kirsteenc3:37 pm

    I have the same exp before one taxi driver keep turning his head back to look at me and through the rear mirror.

  6. So creepy! I never had any taxi drivers auto locked their doors while I was in their ride. (or at least I never heard it so far) Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wah, your story totally set off my goosebumps!! I've had a similar story too but in an empty big bus! Lesson learnt for me is to just get out of the situation as fast as possible! Glad to hear that you came out OK! :)

  8. hey Holly,

    saw ur face in MyPaper on the way to work this morning... you ok??

    chill and God Bless!...



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